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MUSHclient pre-release versions now available

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Posted by Nick Gammon   Australia  (23,006 posts)  [Biography] bio   Forum Administrator
Date Sat 07 Jan 2017 09:10 PM (UTC)

Amended on Tue 01 Oct 2019 06:07 AM (UTC) by Nick Gammon

With considerable help from Fiendish we have automated a build of the MUSHclient executable when a new "commit" is pushed to GitHub. This is done using the services of AppVeyor.

What this means is that as bugs are fixed you can immediately get the improved version without waiting for an "official" release.

To do this, go to https://github.com/nickgammon/mushclient/releases and then click on the "MUSHclient.exe" link under latest_commit in the Downloads section, as shown:

Note: This is now called Assets rather than Downloads, and you may have to click a disclosure triangle to see it.

Once downloaded you will have to copy or move the .exe file into your normal MUSHclient installation folder (the program requires DLLs and other things and will not run stand-alone).

You may want to rename your current, working, MUSHclient.exe file in case the pre-release one doesn't work as well as you hoped (prior to replacing it, of course).

You may get a security warning about the executable, like this:

We are working on eliminating that, but for now it is expected.

The things that were changed in this release are in the "Latest commit" link (in this case "24820fb") under the words "Pre-release" in red. Note that for all the changes since the last "official" release you may need to work back through various commits until you get to the one for the previous release. The "release notes" page may help you with that:



  • The pre-release may be a work in progress. Don't necessarily download it the moment it appears, unless you know it fixes some bug, or adds some feature, that you particularly need.

  • Only the .exe file is released. It has to be copied inside your MUSHclient folder before using, as it needs things like lua5.1.dll, and locale/en.dll in order to operate.

  • Help files and other documentation will not have been updated.

  • The program will identify itself as version "5.xx-pre" (where xx is the next version number). The "-pre" is to show it is a pre-release version, in case you need to make a bug report about it.

  • The exact compile date and time is shown when you open a new world. You can also find that out by executing this in the "Immediate" scripting window:

    print (GetInfo (73))

A list of all recent commits to the source are at this link:


Official releases are "tagged" with the release number. You can find the release tags here:


- Nick Gammon

www.gammon.com.au, www.mushclient.com
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