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Nowadays more and more GIF, TIFF, MacPaint, PCX, PCC, BMP and PICT pictures are being released on CDROM, both as parts of collections of Public Domain software, and as complete collections of images in their own right.

Typically a CDROM can have between 3,000 and 20,000 images on a single disk. Attempting to view each image in such a large collection can be very tedious if you have to "open" each one individually.

To address this problem, the application "QuickSlideshow" has been developed, and is offered as ShareWare. (ShareWare fee $30, see the section "ShareWare and copyright information" for details).


QuickSlideshow has the following features:

Speed, ease of use ...

Display options ...

Saving copies of pictures, using tag files


Other information about the program

ShareWare fee - $US 30

If you find QuickSlideshow useful please forward a ShareWare fee of $US 30 (US dollars) to:

  Gammon Software Solutions
  PO Box 124
  Ivanhoe  VIC  3079

Please mention which version you are registering (this version is 2.0).

Suggested retail price - $US 49.95.

The suggested retail price (SRP) of QuickSlideshow is $US 49.95. If you have purchased your licensed copy of the program at this price from an Authorized Distributor, then no shareware fee or other payment is due.

Australian residents:

If you live in Australia, please forward $AUD 35 (Australian dollars).


QuickSlideshow is being distributed by the ShareWare method. Permission is given for copies to be distributed via bulletin boards, CompuServe (tm), User Group collections, and CDROMs containing ShareWare or Public Domain files, providing that the application is not changed. Permission is also granted for QuickSlideshow to be added to CDROMs containing GIF, TIFF or other pictures. The author would appreciate being notified if QuickSlideshow is added to widely distributed Public Domain collections of software or pictures, such as CDROMs.

Any other form of commercial distribution is prohibited, unless by prior written agreement with the author.

Version 2.0

This document pertains to Version 2.0 of QuickSlideshow. It was produced on 23rd September 1995. QuickSlideshow was formerly known as "GIF Slideshow" (in version previous to 2.0). The program was renamed from "GIF Slideshow" to "QuickSlideshow" to reflect the fact that it now processes many different file formats, not just GIF pictures.

Written by Nick Gammon - 5K

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