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Scripting data types

Data type Meaning
BOOL True or False.
boolean True or False.
BSTR A character string (eg. "swordfish").
IDispatch An object reference.
long A 32-bit number (from -2147483647 to +2147483647).
short A 16-bit number (from -32768 to +32767).
date A date/time field.
VARIANT A Visual-Basic "variant" data type, which can hold different types of data. A variant can be "null", "empty", or contain a number, character string, or an array, amongst other things. You can use the Visual Basic "VarType" function to find exactly what sort of data is in a variant.
void No return value.

The safest way to test for "true" or "false" is to assume that zero (0) is false, and any other value is true.

Similarly, to supply the value "true" simply supply a 1, and to supply the value "false", supply the value 0.


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