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SMAUG server FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about SMAUG server.

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  1. Can I operate a commercial SMAUG MUD?
  2. Common wizard commands
  3. Compiling SMAUG with the Cygnus compiler
  4. Error message: "'_beginthreadex' undefined"
  5. Error message: "Auth_open: connection refused"
  6. Error messages: "Can't open imc"
  7. Files are missing when starting the server
  8. How do I add a new area to the MUD?
  9. How do I authorize a new player?
  10. How do I change the area files?
  11. How do I compile SMAUG?
  12. How do I connect as an immortal?
  13. How do I connect to the server?
  14. How do I get players to go through the beginner training area?
  15. How do I make a MUD with all my own areas in it?
  16. How do I make another player an immortal?
  17. How do I run a MUD?
  18. How do my friends connect to the server?
  19. How do you specify the starting room vnum?
  20. How to add more questions to the SMAUG login sequence
  21. I want to compile SMAUG - where is the source?
  22. Link errors when recompiling SMAUG
  23. Message: "(Name Not Set) ready"
  24. Other area files for my MUD
  25. Players cannot save their characters
  26. The server crashes upon start up.
  27. The server shuts down each day
  28. The server won't start up.
  29. Warning 4550 messages during compile
  30. Who wrote SMAUG?

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