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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.11

Version 4.11

Released on 13 Jun 2007

1. Added "sandbox" code to the loader for the localization lua file. This disables access to the "io" library, loading DLLs, and most of the "os" library.

The following "os" functions are still available:


The intention here is to stop malicious code being distributed under the guise of a localization file.

2. Fixed some places in the code where an attempt was made to translate a string twice.

3. Added extra translation points for localization.

4. Fixed bug where adding the localization DLL stuff made it stop processing the string localization file.

5. Fixed bug where the "credits" and "license" part of the About box were incorrectly displayed.

6. Fixed bug where the Lua sandbox code would not be correctly loaded if it was looking for the default sandbox.

7. Added new GetInfo (115) selector - this is true if we have successfully loaded the localization Lua file (whose file name is in GetInfo (69)).

If you are having trouble getting localized messages appearing, check that GetInfo (115) is true.

8. Moved the version resource from the resource file to the MUSHclient executable. This is so you can check the version from the desktop.

9. Added the MUSHclient icon back into the main executable, so you will see the icon on the desktop.

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