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Aardwolf Quest Tracker Plugin

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Posted by BarkinMad   (2 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Wed 21 Sep 2016 04:17 PM (UTC)
I made a plugin to track quest results on aardwolf after turn-in in a easy to see way, why not give it a try?

Simply copy and paste all the code below into notepad or your text editor and save the file as quest_tracker.xml
into your MUSHclient folder/worlds/plugins/BarkinMad (create new folder called BarkinMad) NOTE it is IMPORTANT you save with the .xml file extension because this is how MUSHclient uses plugins.

Load up MUSHclient if it's not already running, go to the file drop-down menu at the top of MUSHclient and choose 'plugins' click ADD in the bottom left, find the plugin and either select it and hit enter, double click it or click open in the bottom right.

Happy Mudding :)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<!DOCTYPE muclient>


   date_written="2016-09-21 11:25:45"

   match="quest report"



function OnPluginBroadcast (msg, id, name, text)
	if (id == '3e7dedbe37e44942dd46d264') then
		if (text == "char.stats" or text == "char.maxstats" or text == "char.vitals" or text == "char.worth" or text == "char.status") then
			res, gmcparg = CallPlugin("3e7dedbe37e44942dd46d264","gmcpval","char") --- We just want the gmcp.char section.
			luastmt = "gmcpdata = " .. gmcparg
			assert (loadstring (luastmt or "")) ()
	if (text == "comm.quest") then

		res, gmcparg = CallPlugin("3e7dedbe37e44942dd46d264", "gmcpval", "comm")
		luastmt = "gmcpdata = " .. gmcparg
		assert (loadstring (luastmt or "")) ()
		local action = gmcpval("quest.action")
			if (action == "comp") then
				last_quest_base = tonumber (gmcpval("quest.qp"))
				if tonumber (gmcpval("quest.tierqp")) == nil then last_quest_tier = tonumber (0)
					else last_quest_tier = tonumber (gmcpval("quest.tierqp"))
				if tonumber (gmcpval("quest.pracs")) == nil then last_quest_practices = tonumber (0)
					else last_quest_practices = tonumber (gmcpval("quest.pracs"))
				if tonumber (gmcpval("quest.trains")) == nil then last_quest_trains = tonumber (0)
					else last_quest_trains = tonumber (gmcpval("quest.trains"))
				if tonumber (gmcpval("quest.tp")) == nil then last_quest_tp = tonumber (0)
					else last_quest_tp = tonumber (gmcpval("quest.tp"))
				last_quest_mccp = tonumber (gmcpval("quest.mccp"))
				if tonumber (gmcpval("quest.lucky")) == nil then last_quest_lucky = tonumber (0)
					else last_quest_lucky = tonumber (gmcpval("quest.lucky"))
				if tonumber (gmcpval("quest.double")) == nil then last_quest_double = tonumber (0)
					else last_quest_double = tonumber (gmcpval("quest.double"))
				last_quest_total = tonumber (gmcpval("quest.totqp"))
				last_quest_gold = tonumber (gmcpval("quest.gold"))
				ColourNote ("yellow", "red", "QUEST TRACKER")
				ColourNote ("yellow", "red", "TOTAL QP : " .. last_quest_total)
				ColourNote ("green", "", "base qp : " .. last_quest_base)
				ColourNote ("green", "", "tier bonus : " .. last_quest_tier)
				ColourNote ("green", "", "practices : " .. last_quest_practices)
				ColourNote ("green", "", "trains : " .. last_quest_trains)
				ColourNote ("green", "", "tp : " .. last_quest_tp)
				ColourNote ("green", "", "MCCP : " .. last_quest_mccp)
				ColourNote ("green", "", "lucky : " .. last_quest_lucky)
				ColourNote ("green", "", "double : " .. last_quest_double)
				ColourNote ("green", "", "gold : " .. last_quest_gold)
				qp_quest_base = qp_quest_base + last_quest_base
end -- function onpluginbroadcast

require "gmcphelper" -- this line is necessary for us to be able to use the gmcpval helper function defined in gmcphelper.lua

function quest_reporter ()
	Note ("QP base total : " .. qp_quest_base)
end -- function quest reporter

function OnPluginInstall ()
OnPluginEnable ()  -- do initialization stuff
end -- OnPluginInstall

function OnPluginEnable ()
	qp_quest_base = GetVariable ("qp_quest_base")
	if qp_quest_base == nil then
		SetVariable ("qp_quest_base", tonumber(0))
	qp_quest_base = GetVariable ("qp_quest_base")
end -- OnPluginEnable

function OnPluginSaveState ()
  SetVariable ("qp_quest_base", qp_quest_base)
end -- OnPluginSaveState




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It is now over 60 days since the last post. This thread is closed.     [Refresh] Refresh page

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