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User profile for Justin Pittaway

Name: Justin Pittaway
Country: Denmark
Age: 27
On since: Tue 12 Dec 2006
Biography: At this moment, I am a blind high school student focusing on exams and trying to MUD when they aren't looking! Actually...that one is pretty much true, My FN+F3 definitely comes in handy for turning off the monitor! Yeah! When do 'watchers' get the picture...? I'm 16, as some of you may have figured out. A few things about me: 1. I've got dark brown hair, blue eyes (turning grey due to being blind since birth), and a lot of other features I don't much care for or don't remember! 2. I'm bisexual. Really open about it too, although I'm not flaunting it around. Nuff said. I'm definitely not a closet case, and harsh words don't affect me in the slightest. So save it if you're a homophobe. In fact, you're probably just going to make me laugh. So much for originallity, huh? 3. I'm a guy who can multi-task! Which means...MUDding, chatting, working, you get my drift. 4. I simply love Disney Channel! Alright...I watch it all the time because I'm a loser. "Tubstisutes" is the best! 5. I'm pretty much a nice guy, unless you get on my list of bad people for the year. Yes, I actually do have such a list. 6. it's hard to get me mad, that's for sure! Unless you're trying to whisper far away from me because you want to see me pick you out in a crowd, and actively interpret whatever you may have said. It's not funny anymore...it was. ONCE. Of course, that could have been because it was a phrase that contained explicit sexual language. And of course...something new. 7. I take quite a while to warm up to people. Usually. Unless you're really really convincing. Then I'll trust you in an instant! 8. I'm kind of shy if you meet me face to face, but on the internet I'll probably remind you of an energized pup! And...I giggle too, independent of when, and where. 9. If I have to rely on sighted help continuously to register and do many things on your site, it's not worth my time. I understand that blind people probably weren't the main concern while you were creating your internet home. But I mean, seriously! If people have asked about it, go ahead. That's definitely going to spare you way many...flames. Just some things I'd let you know about me before I start posting or something! Many more coming in the future, I'm sure!
Posts: 2
Email: nicolai@home3.gvdnet.dk

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