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Porting over SWR 1.1's Hotboot

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Posted by Gatz   (17 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Sat 02 Jul 2005 11:55 AM (UTC)

Amended on Sat 02 Jul 2005 07:29 PM (UTC) by Gatz

I've basicly ported SWR 1.1 FUSS's hotboot which is basicly just Samson's Hotboot but I have this weird error...I get
[1] + Suspended (tty input) ./startup

When I kill the ./startup the MUD runs fine afterwards. Infact, it even lets me copyover again with no bugs and I'm stumped as to why this is happening.

To answer Greven:
I'm porting it to a SWR 1.0, non-FUSS.
And here is my startup script:
#! /bin/csh -f

# Set the port number.
set port = 4567
if ( "$1" != "" ) set port="$1"

# Change to area directory.
cd ../area

# Set limits.
limit stack 1024k
unlimit core
# Make core unlimited
#ulimit -c unlimited
# limit stacksize 1024k
limit coredumpsize unlimited
if ( -e shutdown.txt ) rm -f shutdown.txt

while ( 1 )
# If you want to have logs in a different directory,
# change the 'set logfile' line to reflect the directory name.
set index = 1000
while ( 1 )
set logfile = ../log/$index.log
if ( ! -e $logfile ) break
@ index++

# Record starting time
date > $logfile
date > ../area/boot.txt

# Run SMAUG.
# Check if already running
set matches = `netstat -an | grep ":$port " | grep -c LISTEN`
if ( $matches >= 1 ) then
# Already running
echo Port $port is already in use.
exit 0
../src/swreality $port >&! $logfile

# Restart, giving old connections a chance to die.
if ( -e shutdown.txt ) then
rm -f shutdown.txt
exit 0
sleep 15

I got this right when I got the Suspended error:
New_descriptor: accept: Socket operation on non-socket
New_descriptor: accept: Socket operation on non-socket
New_descriptor: accept: Socket operation on non-socket

After I killed the startup, it was up and fine until a character quit and I got this error:
Sat Jul 2 14:11:05 2005 :: Hikari has quit.
accept_new: select: poll: Bad file descriptor
And then it crashed.

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Posted by Greven   Canada  (835 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Reply #1 on Sat 02 Jul 2005 05:52 PM (UTC)
What are you porting it to? What changes did you make to the code? I have the original snippet here: http://www.darkwarriors.net/downloads/hotboot.tar.gz . This may help since its not being pulled out and comes with instructions.

Are you using the stock startup? What do you have the sleep set to in your startup script? If it is really low, I beleive that may cause this error.

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It is now over 60 days since the last post. This thread is closed.     [Refresh] Refresh page

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