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Aardwolf multi-function plugin - Equipment sets, dual-wield, portals, speedwalks

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Posted by Iyethar   (2 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Mon 09 Nov 2009 08:07 AM (UTC)
It's available here:


The documentation needs work, hopefully this thread will help me get my thoughts in order to improve that part of the package.

What is essential to the proper operation of the plugin is that you define a container and tell it what you normally keep in the "hold" wear slot. Example:

settool container bag aardwolf

Allows one to 'ii' to look in the container, 'fetch' foo, 'stow' bar, and defines the container that all of the other functions of the plugin will use.

To define what's kept in the hold location:

seteq <set_name> <slot_name> <item_keywords>

e.g., seteq stdeq hold crystalized lotus blossom

Then a 'gear stdeq' will send a command to the MUD to hold the item and tell the script that you are holding it. You can define multiple item sets this way, including any possible slots. One potential use is automatically swapping out armor when you level or train, and another is maintaining multiple dual-wield configurations. You MUST define the hold slot at a minimum in order for the portal/speedwalk portion to work.

Dual-wield: To enable the dual-wield function of the script, 1) wield any weapon in your off-hand to enable the feature in the plugin. 2) Define entries for the "hold", "shield", "wielded" and "second" slots on at least one equipment set. 3) Use "gear" to enable that equipment set. Now you can use 1w/2w to switch between single-wield and dual wield modes, and the portal command will be aware of what you're holding or wielding.

Portal: Define your Aylor portal with one of the following macros.

recall_garbage - Garbage Can portal to recall
recall_aardamulet - Amulet of Aardwolf portal, followed by a 'run d'
recall_academy - Academy portal, then 'run d'
recall_spell - Word of Recall
recall_newbie - The recall command

now 'aylor' will take you to recall. You can define other portals and speedwalks with the 'setportal' and 'setwalk' commands, but if none is defined, 'sw foobar' or 'portal foobar' will take you to aylor recall and try 'runto foobar' from that point.
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Posted by Blainer   (191 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Reply #1 on Mon 09 Nov 2009 10:33 PM (UTC)
Wow great plugin. I really want that command list. ;)
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Posted by Iyethar   (2 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Reply #2 on Tue 10 Nov 2009 02:10 AM (UTC)
List of included aliases:


seteq <set_name> <slot> <item_keywords> - Defines an equipment set. <set_name> can be anything you like except for the reserved name "worn", <slot> is one of the valid equipment slots (Use the Aardwolf command 'wearable' for a list), and <item_keywords> can be the full or partial item keywords or the item serial #.

seteq <set_name> delete set - Removes a defined equipment set. There is no undo or undelete, so use caution.

showeq - Lists all defined equipment sets.

showeq <set_name> - Lists all defined slots and items for equipment set <set_name>

gear <set_name> - Wear everything in <set_name> that is not already "worn". You can define multiple full or partial equipment sets and switch between them easily with the gear command.

gear <set_name> force - Wear everything in <set_name> regardless of whether or not the script thinks you are already wearing it. Useful if you need to re-equip after dying, or similar.

wearall <set_name> - alias for "gear <set_name> force"

wearall - alias for "gear worn force"

I wrote this prior to the implementation of invmon, please be forgiving of its foibles.


settool <tool_name> <item_keywords> - Defines an entry in the special 'tools' table. So far containers, drop beds (i.e., not the sleeping bag), and potions are supported. The 'container' entry is assumed to be the intended storage for all items used by any aliases in this script.

showtools - display all tool definitions.

deltool <tool_name> - Deletes a tool definition.

ii - alias for "look in <container"

fetch <item> - alias for "get <item> <container>"

stow <item> - alias for "put <item> <container>"

nap - alias to sleep in dropped <bed>

rise - alias to wake up, pick up, keep and stow <bed>

pot <potion_name> - alias to automatically use potion. If the potion is a pill or something else that can't be 'quaffed', you have to define a potion_method.

E.G., if you do:

settool mana pill cheesy nachos
settool mana_method eat

You can then 'pot mana' to get the nachos from your bag and eat them.

settool portal_slot portal - Do this command if you have the "portal" wear location.

I will add the list of DUALWIELD and PORTAL/SPEEDWALK aliases in the next post.
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