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Getting started - connecting


Connect to a MUSH by using Telnet or a MUSH client program (such as MUSHclient). You normally specify a "port" number in addition to a MUSH address.

Seeing who is already playing

After establishing a connection (and seeing various welcome messages) but before connecting to a character, you can type WHO to see who is online at present. This must be typed in upper case:


Player Name          On For   Idle  Doing
Nick                  00:29     0s  Resting after a long laugh
Gandalf               00:35    12s  Exploring the larger cave
There are 2 players connected.

Creating a new character

To create a new character (your virtual reality character), type:

create <name> <password>

for example:

 create Freddie swordfish

The password is case-sensitive, that is, upper and lower case letters are treated differently.

Connecting to an existing character

If you have played before on the MUSH, "connect" to your previous character, like this:

connect Freddie swordfish

Guest logons

Some worlds allow you to connect as a "guest" character, normally by typing:

connect guest guest

This is so you can explore the world and decide whether you like its theme before going to the trouble of creating a character. If you aren't sure if you are going to like playing on a particular MUSH, then using the "guest" character is courteous to the MUSH administrators. Otherwise you may create a character (and thus increase the size of the MUSH "database") which only gets used once.

Player registration

Some MUSHes may not allow players to create characters on-the-fly (in other words, they may disable the "create" command).

There would be various reasons for not allow unrestricted character creation, some of them being:

On these worlds you normally request a character by emailing the wizards or administrators, who then create that character, and then email you back your character name and password. In some cases, you can connect as a "guest" and then page a wizard to ask for a character to be created.

If it is possible to have a player created this way, the "announce" message (which is displayed when you connect to the world but before you connect to a character) will normally tell you which method to use.

Quitting the game

To leave the MUSH, just type:


The word QUIT must be typed in upper case.

Logging out

To disconect from your current character, and reconnect under a different one type:


The word LOGOUT must be typed in upper case.

You might use LOGOUT after exploring a world as a guest, and deciding you wanted to create your own character.

Changing your password

To change your password, type:

@password oldpassword = newpassword

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