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Give yourself a description and gender

Describe yourself

Once connected you should describe yourself and assign a gender to your virtual character (not necessarily your "real" gender). By having a description and gender you make it easier for other players to "see" you, and relate to you. Try to make your description interesting, and "in character" with whatever you want to be in your virtual world.

@desc me = You see a lively-looking young man, wearing a long, brown coat. He has piercing blue eyes that seem to stare right through you. He has long, untidy hair, and a look of quiet desperation.

Do not press "enter" in the middle of your description, just let the program wrap around automatically. It is really one long "string" of text. If you want to insert line breaks inside the description, you can use "%r" which will insert a "return" when it is displayed.

To see your description, type:

look me

Similarly, to see the description of someone else, type "look <their name>"

Knowing if people look at you

If you want to see when other people look at you, you can type:

@adesc me = think %N just looked at you!

"Think" is a verb that just sends you a private message.

%N is a "message substitution" symbol that is replaced by the name of the person who looks at you.

Set your gender

@sex me = male

(Or female as the case may be).

Your (virtual) gender is used in various MUSH actions to customise the gender of someone's behaviour. For example:

Gandalf picks up his sword.

Lock yourself

It is also sensible here to "lock" yourself:

@lock me = me

The reasons for this will become apparent later.

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