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Saying and posing


You can talk out loud to others in the current room by using "say", for example:

say Hello everyone!
You say, "Hello everyone!"

Everyone else sees:

Freddie says, "Hello everyone!"

Since "say" is used so often, you will probably want to use the abbreviated form, namely:

"Hello everyone!

Putting a double-quote at the start of the line is shorthand for "say". You do not need to use a closing quote.

Posing (emoting)

You can also "emote" by using "pose", like this:

pose looks around and sighs quietly.
Freddie looks around and sighs quietly.

The "pose" command, which is also used a lot, can be abbreviated as a colon:

Freddie smiles.

If you want no space after your name, use a semicolon, like this:

;'s watch beeps
Freddie's watch beeps

Everyone in the same room with you will hear what you say, and see what you pose.

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