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Configuration directives list

Option name Explanation Default value Max. size
Options affecting attributes (attribs)
adestroy Enable the adestroy attribute, triggered when an object is nuked? no Yes/No
amail Enable the amail attribute for admin, triggered when they receive @mail? This does no mail loop checking. no Yes/No
global_connects Check zones and the master room for aconnect/adisconnect? yes Yes/No
player_ahear Does @ahear work on players? If player_listen is yes, and layer_ahear is no, sound outside the player can be heard by her nventory, but her @ahear isn't executed. yes Yes/No
player_listen Does @listen work on players? yes Yes/No
room_connects Trigger @aconnect/@adisconnect in the room? no Yes/No
Chat system options (chat)
chan_cost How much does it cost a mortal to create a channel? 1000 10000
max_channels How many channels total can be created? This doesn't allocate memory, it just sets a maximum. 200 1000
max_player_chans How many channels can each non-admin create? Set this to some number higher than zero to allow mortals to create channels. 3 100
Options affecting command behavior (cmds)
daytime Prevent computationally expensive commands no Yes/No
destroy_possessions If yes, when a player is destroyed, any objects he owns that are not set SAFE are destroyed, and any objects he owns that are set SAFE are @chowned to God. If this is not defined, all possessions of a player are chowned to God when the player is destroyed. yes Yes/No
free_objects Iif builder bits are required, allow people to @create objects without them anyway? yes Yes/No
full_invis Should say/pose by a DARK wizard be anonymous ('Someone says...')? no Yes/No
globals Enable global exits and commands? yes Yes/No
hate_dest Uuse @recycle instead of @destroy, because @dest is easy to confuse with @desc. no Yes/No
link_to_object Can we @link to an object? yes Yes/No
noisy_whisper Default whisper to whisper/noisy instead of whisper/silent no Yes/No
owner_queues Keep queue limits on a per-owner rather than per-object basis? That is, is an object runaway when its owner's total queue is too high, rather than when the object's queue is too high? no Yes/No
player_locate Allow players to located each other with @whereis and loc()? yes Yes/No
possessive_get Is possessive get (get players's object) allowed? yes Yes/No
possessive_get_d Is possessive get (get players's object) allowed, if the player is disconnected? yes Yes/No
really_safe SAFE absolutely prevents destruction, even with @nuke yes Yes/No
restricted_building Require builder bits in order to build? no Yes/No
wiz_noaenter Should DARK wizards not trigger AENTER/ALEAVE when they move? no Yes/No
Cosmetic options (cosmetic)
ansi_justify Should ljust(), rjust(), center(), and table() ignore ansi when figuring out how to justify a string? yes Yes/No
ansi_names Show room/object/player names in bold for ansi players? yes Yes/No
blind_page If 'yes', page defaults to page/blind. If 'no', page defaults to page/list. yes Yes/No
comma_exit_list Show exit lists with commas (a, b, and c)? yes Yes/No
count_all Count hidden players when WHO reports total connected? no Yes/No
ex_public_attribs Show visual attributes when you examine an object you don't own? (like examine/full in TinyMUSH) yes Yes/No
flags_on_examine Show expanded flag name list when you examine an object? yes Yes/No
military_time Report time in 24-hour format? yes Yes/No
money_plural Name of the monetary units - plural Pennies 32
money_singular Name of the monetary units - singular Penny 32
paranoid_nospoof Should NOSPOOF notification include the dbref of the spoofer as well as the name? no Yes/No
player_name_spaces Can players have names with spaces in them? no Yes/No
rwall_prefix Prefix for rwall announcement Admin: 256
wall_prefix Prefix for wall announcements Announcement: 256
wizwall_prefix Prefix for wizwall announcements Broadcast: 256
Costs (costs)
exit_cost What is costs to build an exit. 1 10000
find_cost What is the cost to do a find. 100 10000
kill_bonus Amount you are paid if someone kills you. 50 10000
kill_default_cost Default cost of killing someone. 100 10000
kill_min_cost Minimum cost of killing someone. 10 10000
link_cost Cost to build a link. 1 10000
object_cost The cost of building an object. 10 10000
page_cost The cost of doing a page. 0 10000
queue_cost How much deposit is required to queue a command? 10 10000
quota_cost How many objects are equal to 1 quota, if quotas are used 1 10000
room_cost Cost of building a room 10 10000
Database options (db)
exits_connect_rooms Are rooms with any exits considered connected, and thus not required to have the FLOATING flag set on them? no Yes/No
master_room Room for master objects 2 100000
player_start Where new players are created 0 100000
Options affecting dumps and other periodic processes (dump)
dbck_interval Null 599 10000
dump_complete This is shown after a dump if NOFORK is defined. It should be kept on a single line, no more than 250 chars. GAME: Dump complete. Time in. 256
dump_interval Seconds between database dumps 3601 100000
dump_message This message is shown before a dump.It should be kept on a single line, no more than 250 chars. GAME: Dumping database. Game may freeze for a minute 256
dump_warning_1min This message is shown 1 minute before a dump.It should be kept on a single line, no more than 250 chars. GAME: Database will be dumped in 1 minute. 256
dump_warning_5min This message is shown 5 minutes before a dump.It should be kept on a single line, no more than 250 chars. GAME: Database will be dumped in 5 minutes. 256
forking_dump Should I fork a concurrent process to do database dumps? If I do, your memory requirements will double during the dump. If I don't, the MUSH will pause while it dumps. If you're low on memory, don't do this. Win32 servers should have this as NO, as they can't do forking dumps. yes Yes/No
purge_interval How often the free list is reconstructed. 601 10000
warn_interval If you've got USE_WARNINGS defined, set this to the number of seconds between MUSH-wide topology warning checks. Default is 3600 (1 hour). If you set this to 0, timed MUSH-wide checks will be disabled. 3600 32000
Files used by the MUSH (files)
access_file Name of file containing access configuration directives access.cnf 256
chat_database Name of chat database data/chatdb.Z 256
compress_program Compression programs to use compress 256
compress_suffix The suffix that the compression program adds to compressed files. .Z 32
connect_file Shown when players connect txt/connect.txt 256
connect_html_file Shown when players connect, in html, shown to Pueblo clients txt/connect.html 256
crash_database Panic file data/PANIC.db 256
down_file Shown when non-wizard logins disabled txt/down.txt 256
down_html_file Shown when non-wizard logins disabled, in html, shown to Pueblo clients txt/down.html 256
events_file Events file (none) 256
events_index Index into events file (none) 256
full_file Shown when maximum players are logged in txt/full.txt 256
full_html_file Shown when maximum players are logged in, in html, shown to Pueblo clients txt/full.html 256
guest_file Shown to guests txt/guest.txt 256
guest_html_file Shown to guests, in html, shown to Pueblo clients txt/guest.html 256
help_file Help file txt/help.txt 256
help_index Index into help file txt/help.idx 256
index_file Index file (none) 256
index_index Index into index file. (none) 256
input_database Database to read in data/indb.Z 256
mail_database Mail database data/maildb.Z 256
motd_file Message of the day txt/motd.txt 256
motd_html_file Message of the day, in html, shown to Pueblo clients txt/motd.html 256
names_file Name of file containing disallowed character names. names.cnf 256
news_file News file txt/news.txt 256
news_index Index into news file txt/news.idx 256
newuser_file Shown to new users txt/newuser.txt 256
newuser_html_file Shown to new users, in html, shown to Pueblo clients txt/newuser.html 256
output_database Database to dump to data/outdb.Z 256
quit_file Shown when players quit txt/quit.txt 256
quit_html_file Shown when players quit, in html, shown to Pueblo clients txt/quit.html 256
register_create_file Shown to users if they try to create a character when registration enforced txt/register.txt 256
register_create_html_file Shown to users if they try to create a character when registration enforced, in html, shown to Pueblo clients txt/register.html 256
rules_file File name of rules file. (none) 256
rules_index File name of rules index file. (none) 256
uncompress_program Uncompression programs to use uncompress 256
wizmotd_file Wizards message of the day txt/wizmotd.txt 256
wizmotd_html_file Wizards message of the day, in html, shown to Pueblo clients txt/wizmotd.html 256
Default flags (flags)
exit_flags Default flags for exits 0 64
player_flags Default flags for players 0 64
room_flags Default flags for rooms 0 64
thing_flags Default flags for things 0 64
Options affecting function behavior (funcs)
haspower_restricted Restrict haspower() to see_all players? no Yes/No
safer_ufun Prevent objects from evaluating ufuns on more privileged objects. yes Yes/No
Limits and other constants (limits)
active_queue_chunk The number of commands run from the queue when there is net activity 0 100000
function_invocation_limit The maximum number of functions that can be invoked 2500 100000
function_recursion_limit The maximum level of recursion allowed in functions 50 100000
idle_timeout Number of minutes before an idle player is timed out 10801 100000
max_dbref Maximum database entries. 0 -1
max_depth Maximum number of levels of indirect lock evaluation. 10 10000
max_logins Maximum number of concurrent logins 128 128
max_obj_value Null 100 10000
max_parents What's the maximum number of levels of parenting allowed 10 10000
max_pennies Maximum number of pennies a player may be given. 100000 10000
max_wiz_obj_value Null 2000 10000
paycheck How much players get every day 50 1000
player_queue_limit Number of commands a player can have queued. Prevents runaway machine from getting out of hand. 100 100000
queue_chunk The number of commands run from the queue when there is no net activity 3 100000
queue_loss One out of how many commands that are queued will cost the player a coin? 63 10000
starting_money How much players get when they are first created 100 10000
starting_quota If quotas are enforced, how much players get by default 20 10000
whisper_loudness How likely should it be that noisy whispers are noticed by other players in the room? (Others see: John whispers to Mary.) Use a number from 0 to 100 100 100
Logging options (log)
log_commands Log all commands no Yes/No
log_forces Log forces done by wizards yes Yes/No
log_huhs Log commands which produce "Huh?" no Yes/No
log_walls Log wizwalls no Yes/No
log_wipe_passwd The password that must be given to do an @log/wipe. You must also be God, of course. (undisclosed) 256
Networking and connection-related options (net)
guests Allow guest logins yes Yes/No
ident_timeout Config directive for IDENT. -- If USE_IDENT is defined in src/Makefile, this determines how long the MUSH will wait for an ident response, in seconds. 5 60
ip_addr If your host has multiple IP addresses, put the ip address to listen on here, otherwise leave blank. (none) 64
logins Allow non-wizard/royalty logins yes Yes/No
mud_name Name of the MUSH. Please change this. You must if you're using RWHO. TinyMUSH 128
player_creation Allow players to create/register characters at the login screen. If you turn this off, neither "create" nor "register" will work. Use access.cnf if you want to disable creation for specific sites or disable creation but enable registration for everyone. yes Yes/No
port The port it's running on 4201 32000
pueblo Support the pueblo MUSH client and allow html to be sent to it no Yes/No
use_dns Should the MUSH attempt to resolve IP numbers to hostnames? If yes, you'll see hostnames on the wizard WHO. If no, IP numbers. Win32 systems should set this to no. Most Unix systems that have DNS service should keep this as yes yes Yes/No
use_ident Config directive for IDENT. If you want to do ident (RFC1143) looksup, set use_ident to "yes" and select an ident_timeout to determine how long the MUSH should wait for a response, in seconds. yes Yes/No
RWHO options (rwho)
rwho Are we using remote WHO? no Yes/No
rwho_dump_interval RWHO dump interval 241 32000
rwho_host RWHO host littlewood.math.okstate.edu 64
rwho_info_port RWHO info port 6889 32000
rwho_password RWHO password (undisclosed) 64
TinyMUSH compatibility options (tiny)
null_eq_zero Should we treat a missing number as 0 in things like add(3,)? For TinyMUSH compatibility, the answer is 'no'. no Yes/No
silent_pemit Should @pemit default to @pemit/silent, like TinyMUSH? no Yes/No
tiny_attrs show attributes in TinyMUSH format (FOO(#4v): test) rather than PennMUSH format (FOO [#4v]: test)? no Yes/No
tiny_booleans In PennMUSH, strings and db#s larger than #0 have traditionally been considered true (1) in boolean functions like and(), or(), etc. In TinyMUSH, strings and db#s evaluate as false (0). Should we emulate TinyMUSH? no Yes/No
tiny_math In Tiny, strings used in math expressions evaluate to 0, so eq(asdfa,0) = 1, gt(asdf,0) = 0, etc. In Penn, using strings where numbers should be is traditionally an error (returning #-1 ARGUMENT MUST BE NUMBER or similar). Do you want the TinyMUSH behavior? no Yes/No
tiny_trim_fun TinyMUSH's trim function is: trim(<string> [,<trim style> [,<trim character> ]]). PennMUSH's trim function has been: trim(<string>[,<character to trim> [,<trim style>]]). Should we emulate TinyMUSH? [+ for new MUSHes]? no Yes/No

Note that the default entry is the value you will get if you omit that directive from the MUSH.CNF file. It is not necessarily the entry in the supplied MUSH.CNF file.

Click on MUSH Flags for a list of all of the flag names that can be used to set player, room, thing and exit flags.

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