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Running PennMUSH

Trial run

After you have configured PennMUSH you are ready to do a trial "run". To do this:

You should see something like the following scroll by:

If you have trouble reading all of the above messages because they scroll by too quickly, get the "properties" of your Command Prompt window, and change the Layout > Screen Buffer Size > Height to more than 24 lines (make it, say, 200 lines).

Testing the server

Use your client program (we recommend MUSHclient, however Telnet that comes with Windows will do for now) and connect to:

IP address
Port 4201

The IP address of is "your own PC". You can also type "localhost" which is easier to remember. Below is an example of entering the correct figures into MUSHclient:

Example of MUSHclient connection - 8K

You should see the following appear in your client program:

<This is where you announce that they've connected to your MUSH>
<It's a good idea to include the version/patchlevel of MUSH you're running>
<It's a good idea to include an email address for questions about the MUSH>
Use create <name> <password> to create a character.
Use connect <name> <password> to connect to your existing character.
Use QUIT to logout.
Use the WHO command to find out who is online currently.
Yell at your local god to personalize this file!

You are now ready to connect and start experimenting! Depending on the contents of your database file, the following may well get you connected:

connect One

Setting up PennMUSH to start automatically

The best way to make the MUSH server start automatically depends on which operating system you are using:

If you are using Do this
Windows 95 Put a shortcut to PennMUSH in your "Startup" folder
Windows NT Install the PennMUSH server as a "service"

Click on the appropriate link above for more details about each option.

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Written by Nick Gammon - 5K

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