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What is PennMUSH?

PennMUSH is a TinyMUD derivative, and one of the branches along the MUSH line. "Vanilla" TinyMUSH, which added the "v" registers and functions to the basic TinyMUD building commands, was written by Larry Foard. The code was later expanded by Jin, of MicroMUSH. In January of 1991, MicroMUSH changed its name to MicroMUSE, and the code there continued to develop under the MUSE name. At that same point in time, Moonchilde took the last public release of that code and began a series of improvements and extensions.

That code was released as PernMUSH, named for the MUSH that Moonchilde was running. The last released version of that code was version 1.15, at the end of November 1991. PernMUSH itself had switched over to TinyMUSH 2.0, which Moonchilde had co-written with Glenn Crocker (Wizard of TinyCWRU); there was no longer a reason for Moonchilde to maintain this code.

In January of 1992, Amberyl began working on the PernMUSH 1.15 code release, for TinyKrynn. She took over the code, which no one was supporting, and is continuing to work on extending this code, as well as improving its compatibility with TinyMUSH 2.0. She changed the name to PennMUSH (named for her school, the University of Pennsylvania), to avoid the confusion that resulted from PernMUSH actually running TinyMUSH 2.0.

In January of 1995, Amberyl passed on her mantle to Javelin (aka Paul@Dune, Alan Schwartz), who is now the maintainer of the primary public distribution in development. He released two patchlevels numbered "dune-1" and "dune-2" before releasing PennMUSH 1.50 pl11 and later distributions. The numbering scheme changed again with PennMUSH 1.6.0 (see CHANGES-9).

Javelin, in conjunction with Talek (T. Alexander Popiel) and Thorvald Natvig, are the current PennMUSH development team.

A MUSH manual should be available at caisr2.caisr.cwru.edu, ftp.math.okstate.edu, primerd.prime.com, or from wherever you got this code from. The manual should be numbered version 2.007 or higher.

If you are planning on modifying the source code to PennMUSH, you'll probably want Javelin's Guide for PennMUSH Gods, which should be available where you got this code, or, in hypertext, as http://pennmush.tinymush.org/~alansz/guide.html

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