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Who to contact regarding Win32 PennMUSH

The following people have had a direct hand in producing this version of PennMUSH, and can be contacted for further information. Please, read these pages first before writing, however, as many of your questions will probably be answered in them.

Alan Schwartz

"Paul@DuneMUSH" <dunemush@pennmush.tinymush.org>

Alan is currently maintaining the Unix PennMUSH source code. However as explained below the Unix source code is also the Win32 source code. Enquiries about core PennMUSH functionality, suggestions for further features, and bug reports should be sent to Alan.

Nick Gammon

"Nick Gammon" at /support/

Nick did the initial "port" of the Unix source to make it Win32 compatible. The Win32 changes were subsequently incorporated back into the Unix source as conditional compiler directives, so that it was possible to maintain a single PennMUSH source, which would compile under both Unix and Win32.

T. Alexander Popiel

"T. Alexander Popiel" <popiel@snugharbor.com>

Alex is currently maintaining the Win32 amendments to the PennMUSH source. Any Win32-specific queries should be directed to him.

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