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Getting Started

Example of script call

world.DoCommand "Introduction"


MUSHclient - a fast, easy-to-use MUD client for Windows

Written in C++ for high speed and compact size.

Has large scrollback buffer, command history, aliases, triggers, timers, keypad-navigation, speed-walking, and auto-say.

Supports scripting in VBscript, Jscript, PerlScript and Python, recognizes ANSI color codes, has user-defined macros, spell checking, proxy server support, chat system, built-in editor, and logging.

Also supports MUD extensions MCCP (Mud Client Compression Protocol) and MXP (Mud eXtension Protocol).

You can write your own plugins in any of the four supported scripting languages, or use ones written by others which are supplied with the program, or appear on our web site.

Getting started ...

Getting started with MUSHclient is easy! Use the "quick connect" dialog to connect to a MUD.

Click on the links below for more information.

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Getting started
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Speed walking


Quick Connect

(Help topic: command=Introduction)

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