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Plugin wizard - Name and Purpose


Name of this plugin - between 1 and 32 characters.


Short description - up to 100 characters.


Name of author - up to 32 characters.


Which version of MUSHclient is required to run it. The earlier the better (so that people do not need to upgrade unnecessarily), however if your plugin uses script commands, or other features that only appeared in a particular version, that is the version number you should put here.

Date Written:

Date written - automatically generated.


Plugin version - defaults to 1.


Unique plugin ID - automatically generated.


Once you click the "Create" button and any triggers/aliases/timers/variables which you selected (in the other configuration screens) will be REMOVED from your world file and placed in the plugin.

The purpose of this is that the relevant triggers etc. should be moved from the "main" world file to the plugin file, otherwise you would have two lots of them when you tested the plugin, quite possibly causing a lot of confusion. However these changes will not actually occur until you save the world file.

Create ...

Click to write the plugin to disk as a separate file.

Warning - if you click "create" and then cancel the file selection dialog, you will not be returned to the plugin wizard, so any selections/entries you made will need to be redone.

See Also ...




(PluginWizard) Invokes the plugin creation wizard


Plugin wizard - Description


(BroadcastPlugin) Broadcasts a message to all installed plugins
(CallPlugin) Calls a routine in a plugin
(EnablePlugin) Enables or disables the specified plugin
(GetPluginID) Returns the 24-character ID of the current plugin
(GetPluginInfo) Gets details about a specified plugin
(GetPluginList) Gets a list of installed plugins.
(GetPluginName) Returns the name of the current plugin
(GetPluginTimerInfo) Gets details about a named timer for a specified plugin
(GetPluginTimerList) Gets the list of timers in a specified plugin
(GetPluginVariable) Gets the contents of a variable belonging to a plugin
(GetPluginVariableList) Gets the list of variables in a specified plugin
(IsPluginInstalled) Checks to see if a particular plugin is installed
(LoadPlugin) Loads a plugin from disk
(PluginSupports) Checks if a plugin supports a particular routine
(ReloadPlugin) Reloads an installed plugin
(SaveState) Saves the state of the current plugin
(UnloadPlugin) Unloads an installed plugin

(Help topic: dialog=IDD_PLUGINWIZARDPAGE1)

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