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Quick Connect

This screen is for quickly connecting to a MUD. You merely need to enter:

  • A world name
  • The TCP/IP address (or name) of that world
  • The port number

This information is usually provided by MUD lists which are available from the Internet.

MUD lists can be found at:


World name:

The internal name (used to identify the MUD to you) - eg. "Realms of Despair"

TCP/IP address:

The IP address (name or dotted decimal number) of the MUD - eg. "games.org" or ""

Port Number:

The port number for the MUD (you can find this from MUD lists). Often it is 4000 for Diku MUDs, or 4201 for MUSHes.

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(QuickConnect) Quickly establishes a connection to a new world


World name and TCP/IP address

(Help topic: dialog=IDD_QUICK_CONNECT)

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