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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about MUDs.

Summary What is the difference between a coder and a builder?
Question What is the difference between a coder and a builder? Are they the same?

A. A coder maintains the source code of the MUD server. This is generally written in the C language. Here is an example of what C code looks like:

    for (pos = GetHeadPosition (); pos; )
      repair = GetNext (pos);
      if (iMilestone++ % 32 == 0)
        UpdateProgressBar (iMilestone);

      // check keeper in area
	    mob = get_mob_index (repair->keeper);
      if (!mob)
          Warning(repair, "Mobile %i is not in area.", repair->keeper );

      }   // end of processing each repair

You would change the server code to add new functionality.

A builder adds new rooms to the "virtual world" that comprises the MUD. This does not require any knowledge of C programming. Generally speaking, if you were starting a new MUD you would need to build rather than code.

Here is an example of what a builder might type for a room description, using the SMAUG code-base:

Vertic Avenue~
You continue down Vertic Avenue.  To the east you can see the stone structure
of the warrior's, the cathedral rises in the west, and to the north you can
seen an intersection.
0 1048576 1
Vertic Avenue and Justice Road cross just north of here.
0 -1 21004
A rather bland portion of Vertic Avenue lies to the south.
0 -1 21002

The job of a builder can be simplified by using either online or offline building tools.

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