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Release notes for MUSHclient version 2.16.01

Version 2.16.01

Released on 24 May 2000

1. Fixed a bug where you would get an exception when you closed a world, if zlib.dll was not present.

2. It seems that the definition of a "word" for the purposes of double-clicking and tab-completion is a bit of a problem.

eg. is "pig-pen" one word or two?
is "Tel'aran'rhiod" one word or three?
is "Nick_Gammon" one word or two?

To allow for individual preference, you can now adjust File -> Preferences -> Word delimiter to indicate what characters are *not* in a word. For instance, "." "," "-".

Just enter a list of characters that are to be considered the *end* of a word. The default is: .,()[]"'

We can probably all agree that a space ends a word, so a space (or tab) will be considered the end of a word, regardless of what you put in this field.

3. The second tab of the File -> Preferences has been renamed "General".

4. The colour-selection combo boxes in the trigger dialog box, and the "user input" dialog boxes now show the actual colours for each menu item in the combo box, so you can see what the results will be immediately. I'm not sure I like this, comments are welcome.

5. Fixed a bug where if you created a new world, the program crashed.

6. Fixed a bug where if you changed custom colours and then immediately edited a trigger, the old custom colours would still be shown in the trigger dialog box.

7. The icon in the "recall" window is now the MUSHclient icon, not the Windows icon.

8. The "recall" window is now drawn in the colours of the main output window.

9. The "recall" window now uses the font of the main output window.

10. The "line information" (yellow popup window) now displays the time to the nearest second.

11. Fixed a bug where if you changed a colour on the colour configuration dialog, and then clicked "swap" the *old* colours would be swapped, not the new ones.

12. Fixed minor problem where the layout of the "send file" and "paste to world" configuration dialogs were similar but not identical, so they seemed to flicker.

13. You can now control-double-click in the output window to select a *paragraph*.

14. The "spell check on request" (CTRL+J) now spell checks the selection only (if text is selected).

15. After a spell check, the original selection is restored.

16. The spell check command now appears if you right-mouse-click in the command window.

17. Clarification - bug 331 exists however is not uploaded to the web page yet. It relates to the request for enhanced regular expressions.

18. You can now sequence triggers - a sequence number can be assigned to each trigger. The lower the number the earlier it is in the sequence, much like counting from 1 to 10. :) If two triggers have the same sequence number the order of execution is undefined (except that they will be executed after triggers with a lower sequence, and before triggers with a higher sequence). The default sequence is 100, including that for triggers from earlier versions. This means that if you want a new trigger to execute before the existing bunch, give it a sequence less than 100, and if you want it after, give it a sequence higher than 100. Sequence numbers are in the range 0 to 10000. You may want to resize the column assigned to the sequence number in the trigger list. If you do, MUSHclient will remember the new column width.

19. I have had a suggestion about naming custom colours, which will be probably implemented in a future version. :)

20. The spell.zip file accidentally included the British dictionaries. If you have already downloaded it, you will not need to download british_dict.zip. If not, you will.

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