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Release notes for MUSHclient version 2.16.02

Version 2.16.02

Released on 25 May 2000

1. Changed example VBscript file to not close a log file if it was not open.

2. Configuration tree view now automatically opens with all nodes expanded, so you can quickly find a particular configuration item. Is this a good idea?

3. On a trigger you can now set bold, italic or underline to apply in addition, or as well as, a colour change. For instance, with a cunningly-crafted regular expression, you could probably get a URL to appear underlined in blue. :)

4. Fixed a problem when, on creating a new world, you were immediately warned that you hadn't entered a world name, before you had the chance to do so.

5. Fixed a problem where if a trigger was set "omit from output" any "world.note" done from within a script would not appear.

6. Triggers now have a new option "send to output". What this means is that when you match a trigger, you now have three (or four, I suppose) things you can do with it:

a) Send nothing (ie. just colour the line, play a sound or call a script)
b) Send a response to the *world* (ie. the MUD) to be processed by it
c) Send a response to the *command* window (eg. for editing a /grab)
d) Send a response to the *output* window (eg. for sending yourself a note)

The new feature is (d).

The response that is sent is in the "send" box. If you want to do fancier things then you need to call a script and let it do a combination of the above.

7. On the scripting configuration page, the combo box for selecting the note colour is now a "colourised" combo box, like on the triggers setup page.

8. Trigger processing has been enhanced with a view to making it more robust if you happen to delete or add a trigger, from within a script, that is called by a trigger. Previously if you had such a trigger, and "keep evaluating" was checked, then the program might have "lost its place" in the list of triggers it was trying to evaluate.

9. Added support for the mouse wheel on Microsoft mice. I don't have one to test, so I would be pleased to hear if it works. :)

10. Fixed a crash where if you created a new world, *and* loaded defaults from an existing world, *and* that world had scripting enabled, *and* the script did a world.note, you would get an access violation.

11. Added a trigger option, that the trigger sound would be played *conditionally* if the world was *not active*. In other words, you can set up a trigger to match your name, and then minimize (or put somewhere else) your MUSHclient session. If someone pages *you* then the trigger fires and plays a sound. If the world is active (ie. you are chatting) then the sound is not played.

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