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Release notes for MUSHclient version 2.16.04

Version 2.16.04

Released on 30 May 2000

1. Fixed problem where Microsoft mouse wheel scrolling would not scroll the number of lines you had set in the Control Panel.

2. Fixed bug where if you changed the font name or size, and then clicked on the "adjust width to window size" button the window width would be calculated based on the old font, not the newly selected one.

3. Fixed bug where when starting a log file, with a user-defined log-file preamble with multiple lines, you would get two carriage returns per one linefeed.

4. When logging you can now specify a "line preamble", that is, something that is written at the start of each log line. The preamble can be different for input, output and "world.note". The preamble can have date/time-substitution strings. For example:

Output: %H:%M >
Input: %H:%M $
Note: %H:%M !!!

... might give ...

12:41 > Huh? (Type "help" for help.)
12:42 $ /world.note "Hello"
12:42 !!! Hello

5. Log file preamble can now contain date/time substitution strings.

6. Fixed bug where if you turned on logging, including retrospective logging, that any lines which spanned multiple screen lines (ie. multi-line paragaraphs) would only have the last line of the paragraph written to the log file.

7. Fixed bug where if you turned on logging, including retrospective logging, that any lines which were your input (ie. from the command window) were not written to the log file.

8. To save a bit of confusion, the spell check menu item (Edit -> Spell Check) is greyed-out if spell checking is disabled in Global Preferences. Likewise, you cannot select Configuration -> Commands -> Spell Check On Send, if spell checking is disabled.

9. To save a bit more confusion, the options "bold", "italic" and "underline" on the "edit trigger" dialog are greyed-out if showing bold/italic/underline (as applicable) are not selected in the Configuration -> Output screen.

10. Added a "spell check options" button to the Configuration -> Commands screen.

11. On a lighter note, added a "character name generator". See section "Name generator" following (in this document) for more details about it. You might use it when needing a character name on a MUD, to save having to dream up a suitable name. You could also use it to randomly generate words that could be used as passwords. This is available from the Edit menu when a world is open.

12. For advanced scripters - there is now a scripting callback for "getting the focus" and "losing the focus". You can use those to write a script that might take different action if something happens when the world does not have the focus (eg. play a sound). This is not necessarily symmetrical - it appears that bringing up the Configuration screen and closing results in getting the focus, but not losing it.

13. Added "move up" and "move down" buttons to the trigger configuration screen. This lets you resequence triggers at the click of a button. You can only resequence when the list is sorted into ascending sequence order. Resequencing is based on the idea of "groups of sequence numbers". If the trigger is already in a group (eg. 10 triggers all with sequence 100) then resequencing will add or subtract one to its sequence (thus, leaving that group). If the trigger is *not* in a group (ie. it has a unique sequence number) then resequencing will make it join the next trigger group upwards or downwards as the case may be.

14. Fixed a bug where if you pasted a large amount of text into the command window (say, 5000 lines), then pressed <enter>, and then pressed Ctrl+H to view the Command History, MUSHclient would crash.

15. Amended menu item "Display" to read "Game" when the activity window is open. This is to stop the rather disconcerting flickering between the words "game" and "display" if you closed the activity window when no worlds were open.

16. Fixed bug where if you typed in the wrong port number for a MUD (and tried to connect to it), and then corrected it, the old port number would be re-used until you closed the world and re-opened it.

17. When setting up an auto-log file name, clicking on the Browse button will default to the log file directory specified in File -> Preferences -> Logging.

18. Added an option to "send to world" and "paste to world" about whether or not you want the lines send/pasted to be echoed to the output window.

19. The colour-picker dialog box now opens in "full" mode automatically, so you can create colours that are not in the default boxes more easily.

20. Fixed problem where if you had a word in italic (not the whole line) then the right-hand end of the word would be chopped off in a vertical line.

21. The ANSI and custom colours are now configured on separate configuration pages, to make things less cluttered.

22. You can now *name* the 16 custom colours, eg. you could call "Custom1" "Incoming pages".

Name generator

The character name generation function relies upon a text file with the three name parts in it. The file is read in once and then names randomly chosen from the three parts. The file should contain lines with "[start]", "[middle]", "[end]" and "[stop]" in it (see below for example). Using the example file below, a generated name might be Wicorebwyn (Wic - ore - bwyn). By setting up different files you can generate names with a different "feel" to them.
By leaving some blank lines in a section that part might be empty (eg. by leaving a blank in the [middle] section below, you might get the name Adand (Ad - and)).

Once a suggested name is displayed you can press "try again" if you don't like the name, and a different one will be generated. Then, when you are happy with the name, press <tab> until the name is highlighted, press Ctrl+C to copy it to the clipboard, and paste it wherever you want it. An example name generation file, "names.txt", is included with the download.



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