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Release notes for MUSHclient version 2.16.05

Version 2.16.05

Released on 01 Jun 2000

1. Custom colour drop-down combo boxes now display the custom colour names left-justified, much the same as normal combo boxes. :)

2. Removed "apply" button from configuration screens, as it didn't do anything.

3. Log files can now have a postamble (ie. something that is written at the *end* of the logging session) as well as a preamble.

4. Fixed bug where auto-log did not do date/time substitution on the log file preamble.

5. You can now define "default" (or machine-wide) settings for the following, which can override (replace) those set up in individual world files. The purpose of this is to allow you to easily set up preferred colours/triggers/aliases etc. and only have to amend them in one place to affect multiple worlds.

The settings that can be made default are:
* Colours
* Triggers
* Aliases
* Macros
* Timers
* Command window font
* Output window font

See below for more details about how to do this.

6. If you press Alt+Up-Arrow or Alt+Down-Arrow when the focus is in the output window, the focus moves to the command window, and the arrow-action is processed.

7. As not everyone likes the red-to-yellow gradient in the configuration screens, there is now an option in File -> Preferences -> General to turn it off.

8. Fixed a bug where after loading ANSI colours, custom colours were not loaded. In other words, you can now save/load your custom colours by using the "save" or "load" buttons on the ANSI colour configuration screen.

9. By right-clicking on a colour swatch, you can now copy or paste a colour, without having to enter its RGB values.

10. To help you set up your custom colours, a copy of the ANSI colours is reproduced at the bottom of the custom colour page (small swatches).

11. Custom colours (for a new world) now default to a nice selection of colours, rather than just white on black.

12. When creating a new world, MUSH default triggers are automatically added (8 of them) which simulate the previous behaviour of MUSHclient using the old Highlighting configuration screens (and which are also examples of how to set up simple triggers).

13. Fixed a problem, described in detail in bug #319, where inverse highlighted text would incorrectly highlight the background rather than the text colour. To try this out on a MUSH, type: "think ansi(bhYi,Nick)" and compare the results in this version to previous versions.

14. Beta-tester names are now in Help -> About -> Credits. There is still time for other names to be added before the official "version 3" release. :)

Setting up default triggers/colours etc.

To set up defaults to be shared across multiple worlds:

a) Open your favourite world, and then save as individual files your:
* Colours
* Triggers
* Aliases
* Macros
* Timers
(there is a "save" button on each configuration screen to do this)

You do not need to do them all. For instance, if you only want to share colours, then only save the colours.

b) Use File -> Preferences -> Defaults to select the files you saved in the above step

c) Also select your preferred input and output font.

d) For all worlds that are to share these saved files, open that world, and then using the appropriate configuration screen (eg. colours, triggers) check the box "override with default".

From then on, the *next* time you open that world, it will load the world, and then load (and thus overwrite) the settings you have checked as "override with default".

Also, any new worlds will use the default settings, thus new worlds will quickly take on your default characteristics.

Note that the defaults, when loaded, *overwrite* your existing settings, so that the existing triggers, colours etc. are *lost*. If you really want to keep the existing settings, then you should save the world file under a different name (thus preserving the original).

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