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Release notes for MUSHclient version 2.16.06

Version 2.16.06

Released on 05 Jun 2000

1. On the trigger list page, if the triggers are sorted into sequence order (the default) then the secondary sort sequence is now the trigger match string. In other words, triggers which have the same sequence number will be sorted by what they match on.

2. Fixed problem where, under certain circumstances, changing the font in the output configuration (and probably the input one as well) would not take effect until you closed and re-opened the world.

3. Recoded the example VBscript routines in Jscript (Java Script) as an example of scripting MUSHclient in Java. Some things are not intuitively obvious in Jscript, particularly handling of arrays passed from MUSHclient. If you want to experiment with Jscript, see the file exampscript.jvs.

4. Added option "reload defaults" to the File menu, so if your world uses the new default colours/triggers/aliases (etc.) you can reprocess them without having to close and re-open the world.

5. If you are using default colours ("Override with default colours" set on ANSI colour configuration screen) then on the custom colour configuration screen you also cannot change colours (default colours applies to all colours).

6. Added keyboard accelerator for Global Preferences (CTRL+ALT+G).

7. Tab-completion now works on a word in the middle of a command. eg. "Ste| Hello" where "|" is the cursor position. Now pressing <tab> will change "Ste" to "Steve" (if it can).

8. Tab-completion now searches backwards using the delimiter characters specified in global preferences, rather than just looking for a space. For instance, if you typed "(Ste" and pressed <tab> it will now correctly change "(Ste" to "(Steve" (if it can) whereas previous versions would have looked for "(Steve" in the output window.

9. The "generate character name" function now has a "copy" and "send to world" button to facilitate using the generated name.

10. The "generate character name" function now has a keyboard accelerator, SHIFT+ALT+N.

11. Added code to try to stop timers from occasionally firing much more rapidly than they are supposed to (eg. if you change the system clock).

12. When migrating the old "highlighting" strings into triggers the "keep evaluating" option is set, as some people already had triggers set up to match on similar things, and the migrated triggers stopped the original triggers from being evaluated.

13. Trigger matching has been changed to fix a problem with slow trigger evaluation when very long paragraphs arrive from the MUD (eg. over 4,000 characters). Although such paragraphs would be rare, it appears MUSHclient used to process them very slowly. Now, all triggers are *internally* converted to regular expressions which execute much faster. It is possible that some triggers may evaluate differently after conversion to regular expressions, if that happens to you please send me an example of the trigger match string (eg. *test*) and what you were matching on (ie. the output from the MUD).

There is a subtle difference between a wildcard (ie. "*") in the old MUSHclient, and a regular expression wildcard (ie. ".*"). The regular expression wildcard is more "greedy" so-to-speak, so that given something like this:

Match on: I saw .* sitting there

If you send the text: "I saw a dog sitting there and a cat sitting there"

A regular expression will return "a dog sitting there and a cat" whereas the old-fashioned wildcard will return "a dog". However the greediness can be cancelled by putting a question mark next to the asterisk, like this: I saw .*? sitting there

This is what MUSHclient does when converting ordinary triggers to regular expressions internally, however it is possible there are *other* subtleties that are still different.

14. Fixed a bug with "Alt+Arrow keys recalls partial command" where if you were recalling commands, and then typed a different command and pressed Alt+Up it would continue to recall the old command.

15. Fixed a bug with retrospective logging where the "log line preamble" would appear at the start of every *line* of the retrospective part of the log file rather than the start of every paragraph.

16. Because there is some doubt about the performance of regular expression evaluation, triggers now time themselves, you can see the time shown for individual triggers when you view them, and the total time taken to evaluate all triggers in the "info" configuration screen. If one trigger seems particularly higher than the others, then that may be of concern.

17. Enhanced help file is now included in the download. I would appreciate hearing about any problems in help screens.

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