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Release notes for MUSHclient version 2.16.09

Version 2.16.09

Released on 13 Jun 2000

1. If you have "bleed background colour to edge" enabled, and a non-zero "offset text from window edge" amount specified, then the bleeding now goes to the *left* as well as to the right.

2. Fixed bug where if you had the MUSHclient window maximized, then went into "full screen mode" and out again, it would remember that the window was maximized and not restore it to a non-maximized state.

3. When a trigger matches you now have a 5th option for where to send the trigger response - namely to a notepad window. Thus, you can make a trigger that matches on a MUSH/MUCK/MOO attribute, and have it automatically be sent to the notepad for editing.

4. You can now change the command and output fonts from a script. The *entire* window font changes, you cannot change individual lines or words.

Syntax: World.SetOutputFont fontname, pointsize
eg. World.SetOutputFont "Lucida Console", 9

Syntax: World.SetInputFont fontname, pointsize, weight, italic
eg. World.SetInputFont "Lucida Console", 15, 400, 0

In the case of the input font, the weight can be one of:

(Don't Care) 0
Thin 100
Extralight 200
Light 300
Normal 400
Medium 500
Semibold 600
Bold 700
Extrabold 800
Heavy 900

Italic can be true or false.

5. Fixed a bug where changing the font size resulted in the scroll bars showing incorrect sizes until more output arrived from the MUD.

6. There is now a button on the "main" toolbar to invoke the notepad.

7. When creating a notepad window that is related to a world window, its window title is now initially: Notepad: <world name>

8. When creating a notepad window for a world, which already has one or more notepad windows open, you are offered a list of the open windows to switch to, and the option to create a new one. This avoids the problem of unknowingly creating lots of notepads for one world.

9. If you have the focus in the command window, and you have text selected, and you then create a notepad window, only the *selected text* is copied to the notepad.

10. Fixed bug where, under Windows 98, the notepad window did not have text copied into it, nor could you type into the window (eg. on a recall, or starting it up with selected text).

11. If you have a notepad open, that is related to a world, and you create a new notepad, then it is also related to the same world.

12. If you have modified a notepad window, and then sent *all* of it to its related world, it is marked as "no longer modified". The assumption here is that sending everything back to the MUD counts as "saving" it.

13. In the notepad window, if you have a selection and convert it in some way (eg, convert to upper case) after the conversion the converted text is still selected.

14. Fixed various problems with the "recall" command, including an access violation (crash) if you used regular expressions.

15. If you highlight (select) text in the output window, and then select "recall" (Ctrl+U) the selected text is automatically searched for (with no dialog box), providing the selected text does not span a paragraph boundary.

16. Fixed bug where, in full screen mode, if you switched windows, the menu bar would re-appear.

17. Fixed bug where, in full screen mode, if you switched windows, the *wrong* menu bar would re-appear when you *left* full-screen mode (eg. if you had a world window active when you went into full-screen mode, but a notepad window active when you left it).

18. The "actions" menu has been removed, with two commands from it moved to the Input menu, namely "Repeat last command", and "Quit".

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