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Release notes for MUSHclient version 2.16.12

Version 2.16.12

Released on 03 Jul 2000

1. The splash screen (MUSHclient initial screen) should now display better if you only have 256 colours set for your display (ie. the palette will be fixed up).

2. Fixed bug in parenthesis-matching, where if you were scanning backwards, an even number of "escape" characters would erroneously cause a parenthesis to be ignored. eg. this sequence used to work incorrectly: (aaa \\(bbb)

3. Amended parenthesis-matching to beep if you are trying to start matching on a brace preceded by an odd number of escape characters. eg. \|( ) would not be a valid sequence to match on, if the cursor started at the "|" character.

4. Added a new feature "flip to notepad" (Ctrl+Alt+Space). This lets you switch quickly between your world window and your (first) notepad window for this world.
* If you have a world window open and you select "flip to notepad" then the focus changes to its first related notepad. If there isn't one, it is created.
* If you have a notepad window open and you select "flip to notepad" then the focus changes to its related world window (command area).

5. Changed behaviour on "File Open" to suggest list of world files (MCL files) as well as text files (TXT files).

6. Fixed bug where Ctrl+O could not be used to open a file if no windows were open.

7. Fixed bug where Shift+Ctrl+C could not be used to do a "quick connect" if no windows were open.

8. There is now provision for a "default directory for world files" in Global Preferences -> Worlds configuration screen. This means you can set up a directory for loading or saving world files. The initial default is the directory that MUSHclient executes in.

9. When doing command stacking, you can now temporarily defeat the command stacking by repeating the command stack character. eg.

@dig Waterfall = West;;W, East;;E

In this example, assuming that ";" is the command-stack character, and command stacking is enabled, the use of ";;" will temporarily stop the command stacking, and send a single ";" character.

10. If you edit a script file with the internal notepad (ie. Shift+Ctrl+H) more than once, then the program will now activate the previous window with the script in it, rather than keep opening multiple windows for editing the same script file.

11. If you edit a script file with the internal notepad (ie. Shift+Ctrl+H), then it is now "related" to its originating world, so you can switch back and forth to the script from the world using Ctrl+Alt+Space (as described in [4] above).

12. When using the Notepad, pressing Alt+Enter is now another way of showing the document size (count of characters, words and lines).

13. Changed slightly the way the worlds are closed in an attempt to fix occasional problems with proxy servers and other bugs related to closing and re-opening worlds.

14. Changed the uninstaller to optionally remove all items in the Registry under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Gammon Software Solutions\MUSHclient" when doing an uninstall. This will clean up the registry to remove your registration information, global preferences, and information about the screen location of all worlds you have opened.

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