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Release notes for MUSHclient version 2.16.13

Version 2.16.13

Released on 17 Jul 2000

1. Fixed a problem where, when you first used the spell checker, the user dictionary was not enabled.

2. Changed the installer to ask before overwriting the files exampscript.vbs and exampscript.jvs (in case you have updated them).

3. Added a button to Global Preferences -> General for editing the spell check dictionaries. Previously there was no way to check what your "user-defined" words were, short of causing a spelling error and then reviewing them.

4. Changed the uninstaller to remove references in the Registry under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT for the various document types that MUSHclient has registered (eg. .MCL files).

5. Changed the installer so that, when doing a custom install, the spell checker and documentation files are offered as an option to install.

6. Changed the icon for "uninstall MUSHclient" to be different from the icon for "run MUSHclient".

7. The installer no longer puts a shortcut to MUSHclient on your desktop.

8. When doing a "spell check on send", if you cancel the spell check (eg. press <esc>) then the send is cancelled, so you can fix up the spelling errors manually.

9. When using "Global Preferences -> Worlds" to add worlds to the list, after pressing the "Add" button the suggested directory for worlds is the directory specified as the "default world files directory".

10. Fixed a few problems with missing MUSHclient icons during the registration process and the initial delay screen.

11. Added a couple of example Java scripts to the exampscript.jvs file. These show more complex calculations that can be done in an alias script.

12. Added new menu item "Open worlds in startup list" (Ctrl+Alt+O). This lets you open all the worlds listed in the Global Preferences list when *you* want to open them, with one keystroke.

13. Added command-line option "/noauto". This stops MUSHclient auto-opening the worlds in the Global Preferences list. Use this in conjunction with [12] above to have a list of favourite worlds, but open them when desired, not necessarily when MUSHclient starts.

14. Added a menu item "Windows Socket Info", which tells you which version of Windows sockets you are using. This is intended to help debug connection problems.

15. Fixed a problem where you could resize the command area down to zero height. Now, if you drag the splitter bar to change the command/output window height ratio, it will force the command area to be at least large enough to hold one line of text.

16. Added a "search" button to my web page(s), so you can now search my web site for keywords. To try it, go to this link: http://www.gammon.com.au/excite/

17. Added various things to support writing out a log file directly in HTML...

a) You can now specify a log file line *postamble* as well as a preamble.
eg. You might set up a preamble: "<p>" and a postamble of "</p>"

b) Triggers can optionally send the trigger text to the log file

c) You can check "HTML" in the log file configuration.
This will translate "<", ">" and "&" to the HTML equivalents (eg. &lt; ), otherwise a line like this: "go <north>" would not log correctly as HTML.

d) You can now specify whether or not you want MUD output to be logged.
This allows you to "opt in" to logging, by unchecking this box then nothing is logged by default, unless you set up a trigger to log certain types of lines. This should be more natural (specifying what to log) than the previous technique, which meant you had to set up a trigger to specify what *not* to log.

e) New script routine: world.FixupHTML (texttofix) can be used inside a script to translate HTML strings (as in [c] above).
eg. /world.note world.FixupHTML ("I will go <north> here")
This displays: I will go &lt;north&gt; here

18. Fixed a bug where if you created a new world, but based it on an existing world, then the defaults fonts/triggers/etc. were used, even if the existing world did *not* use the defaults.

19. Added a "replace" flags for script routines AddTrigger and AddAlias, so that you can replace a trigger/alias of the same name. This is particularly useful in scripts that automatically generate triggers or aliases. This flag has the value 1024.

20. Fixed a bug where if you changed a script file after getting a scripting error message, but before closing the error message dialog, MUSHclient would crash.

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