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Release notes for MUSHclient version 2.16.14

Version 2.16.14

Released on 20 Jul 2000

1. Fixed a bug where the script functions NormalColour, BoldColour, CustomColourText and CustomColourBackground would return an RGB value that was one higher than the correct value. eg. for black it should have been 0, but these functions returned 1.

2. Added new script property: LogOutput. This indicates whether output is logged or not.

3. Added new script method: Replace. This replaces one substring with another.

4. Added new script method: FixupEscapeSequences. This is a script interface to the MUSHclient routine that interprets codes like "\n" as a newline.

5. Added new script method: Trim. This removes leading and trailing spaces from a string.

See the web page http://www.mushclient.com/mushclient/functions.htm for more details.

6. Improved some of the JScript examples.

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