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Area printout

By clicking on the "print" button you can print a detailed listing of your area to either your printer or a disk file. This lets you browse through the area, seeing what it would roughly look like to a player, but with a bit more information (eg. vnums are shown, and mob equips/gives are shown.

The intention is to have a means of "walking through" an area, checking descriptions, loaded mobs/object, and programs, without having to sit at the PC and click on buttons all the time.

Example of room printout

#21018 Law Avenue
A tall statue attracts your attention on this portion of Law Avenue.  The
marble sculpture is of a man in his late forties wielding a blade of ebony
against an unseen attacker, although from the man's posture it is obvious
that his opponent was enormous.  A small golden plaque sits near the
statue, explaining its importance.  The road stretches both east and west.

Flags: Nosummon
Sector type: In a city

East to #21017 (Law Avenue)
West to #21019 (Law Avenue)

Mobile #21037 the guard
A guard patrols the streets of the city.
-- Equip: #21056 a ring of the city guard
-- Equip: #21058 a crested breastplate
-- Equip: #21059 an iron helm
-- Equip: #21060 mail leggings
-- Equip: #21061 black boots
-- Equip: #21062 chain sleeves
-- Equip: #21063 iron gauntlets
-- Equip: #21067 a torch
-- Equip: #21069 a longsword

Desc: plaque
The plaque reads: 'May you rest in peace, Uthar Darkbane.'

Example of objects printout

#21007 a scroll of detect invisibility
a scroll of detect invisibility

A scroll of detect invisibility has been left here.

Type: scroll
Weight: 1, Cost: 2000
Flags: Magic
Wear: Take
Level 5, spell(s): 'detect invis'


#21008 a bottle of beer
a bottle of beer

A small bottle, tipped on its side, drips on the ground.

Type: drinkcon
Weight: 1, Cost: 100
Wear: Take Hold
Capacity: 5, quantity 5

Example of mobile printout

#21025 the innkeeper
The Innkeeper stands here, looking rather gruff.

Mobile #21025 'innkeeper' is a level 50 male human warrior

Str: 13, Int: 13, Wis: 13, Dex: 13, Con: 13, Cha: 13, Lck: 13
Actions: Npc Sentinel
Affected by: Detect_invis Detect_hidden True_sight
Body parts: Head Arms Legs Heart Brains Guts Hands Feet Fingers Ear Eye
Attacks: Punch Kick
Defenses: Parry Dodge
Immune: Sleep Charm Nonmagic Magic Paralysis
Speaks: Common
Speaking: Common

Program 1: bribe 200
-----------(begin program 1)--------------------

if inroom($i) == 21069
  say Go on back and pick a room.
  , points over his shoulder.
  mptransfer $n 21146
  mpat $n mea $n The innkeeper points you down the hall.
  mpat $n say When you wan'na leave, just tell me.
  mppurge coins

------------(end program 1)---------------------

Program 2: speech leave exit
-----------(begin program 2)--------------------

if inroom($i) == 21146
if inroom($n) == 21146
  mptransfer $n 21069
  mpat $n mea $n The innkeeper leads you out.

------------(end program 2)---------------------

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Written by Nick Gammon - 5K

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