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Forum improvement - templated inserts

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Posted by Nick Gammon   Australia  (23,019 posts)  [Biography] bio   Forum Administrator
Date Wed 19 Aug 2009 02:11 AM (UTC)

Amended on Sat 31 Jan 2015 02:56 AM (UTC) by Nick Gammon

This page can be quickly reached from the link: http://www.gammon.com.au/templates

I find that when I reply to forum messages I am typing the same things many times, like "please see the FAQ, and here is a link to it" or "this is how you copy a trigger into the client".

Taking inspiration from Wikipedia, the forum now has some extra forum codes that have special behaviour (as shown in the examples below). To use them, simply include in your post (eg. [pasting]) and they will expand out to show the special predefined message. A couple take arguments (like [function=ColourNote] or [faq=22]).

The expanded template should show up in a nice yellow box with a border. If it does not, try reloading the page, as the definition for that box is in the style.css file on the server, which your web browser probably caches. Reloading the page will get the new version.

Below are the available templates, in alphabetic order:

Template:Arduino Please post Arduino-related questions to the Arduino Forum or to StackExchange: Arduino. This saves splitting questions and answers between this forum and the Arduino ones.

Template:bug Please help us by advising:
  • The version of MUSHclient you are using. Use the Help menu -> About MUSHclient.
  • A copy of the trigger, alias or timer you were using (see Copying XML)
  • The output from the MUD that caused the problem
  • The error message, if any, that you got (or other relevant output)

Template:codetag To make your code more readable please use [code] tags as described here.

Template:copying For advice on how to copy aliases, timers or triggers from within MUSHclient, and paste them into a forum message, please see Copying XML.

Template:faq Please read the MUSHclient FAQ.

Template:faq=15 Please read the MUSHclient FAQ - point 15.

Template:function=AddTrigger AddTrigger

The documentation for the AddTrigger script function is available online. It is also in the MUSHclient help file.

Template:pasting For advice on how to copy the above, and paste it into MUSHclient, please see Pasting XML.

Template:post=9687 Please see the forum thread: http://gammon.com.au/forum/?id=9687.

[quote=Nick Gammon]
Nick Gammon said:

Something interesting ...

Note: Close this tag with [/quote]

Template:regexp Regular expressions
  • Regular expressions (as used in triggers and aliases) are documented on the Regular expression tips forum page.
  • Also see how Lua string matching patterns work, as documented on the Lua string.find page.

Template:saveplugin=ConsiderMobs To save and install the ConsiderMobs plugin do this:
  1. Copy between the lines below (to the Clipboard)
  2. Open a text editor (such as Notepad) and paste the plugin into it
  3. Save to disk on your PC, preferably in your plugins directory, as ConsiderMobs.xml
  4. Go to the MUSHclient File menu -> Plugins
  5. Click "Add"
  6. Choose the file ConsiderMobs.xml (which you just saved in step 3) as a plugin
  7. Click "Close"

Template:scripting Scripting tutorial

There is extensive information about scripting in MUSHclient at http://mushclient.com/scripting. This includes screen shots and examples.

Please try searching this forum.

[search=stat roller]
Please try searching this forum for the phrase "stat roller".

SmaugFUSS (Fixed Up Smaug Source)

The SmaugFUSS reference site is http://www.smaugmuds.org/.

Template:starting Tips on getting started with MUSHclient are in the Getting Started part of the Forum. Most have screen shots to show in detail how to do things.

There are also some some YouTube videos demonstrating various aspects of MUSHclient in operation.


Please provide a summary of your world configuration:

  • Either use the scripting Immediate window (Ctrl+I) to execute: Debug ("summary")


  • Install the Summary plugin (see "Summary" feature) and type "summary"

Then copy the resulting information from the output window, and paste into a Forum message.

You need version 4.55 onwards of MUSHclient to do this.


Some sort of hint or tip, intended to be broken out into a separate box.

No extra wording is inserted, to do a heading use something like:


Note: Close this tag with [/tip]

Template:version Please help us by advising the version of MUSHclient you are using. Use the Help menu -> About MUSHclient.

Template:what Please help us by showing:
  • A copy of the trigger, alias or timer you were using (see Copying XML)
  • The error message, if any, that you got

Also, the auto-detection of forum codes now detects any sequence of [<something>] as requiring forum codes in your post (previously a few like [i] were not detected). Detected in the "<something>" area are an optional "/", followed by letters (a-z) optionally followed by one or more of: "=", "_", letters or digits (for the tags that take arguments). (eg. [faq=42])

This auto-detection only applies to new posts, not editing existing posts. An existing post that did not previously use forum tags, and which now uses them, needs you to explicitly check the "forum codes" checkbox.

The tags are case-sensitive, and there should be no extra spaces other than what is shown in the examples.

Other forum codes

Also see http://www.gammon.com.au/forum/bbforumcode.php for descriptions about codes for formatting like bold, underline, lists, superscript, subscript, etc.

- Nick Gammon

www.gammon.com.au, www.mushclient.com
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