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Plugins for MUSHclient.

Plugins that we have released already can be found at the web page MUSHclient plugins

On that page you should right-mouse click and select 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As' (depending on your browser) to download the plugin to your hard disk. Simply clicking on the plugin will merely display it in XML, which is not suitable for installing into MUSHclient.

You can watch a video showing how to make and use a plugin.

Some plugins from external sites Mapper description and example plugins


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Subject Author Posts Views Last post By
Plugin Wizard Nick Gammon 3 12,870 Fri 09 Aug 2002 08:41 AM Nick Gammon
Plugin ID Torgny 2 10,794 Fri 09 Aug 2002 08:30 AM Nick Gammon
OasisOLC room editor plugin Torgny 1 8,150 Fri 09 Aug 2002 07:54 AM Torgny
My first plugin... (Reboot Timer) Shadowfyr 6 17,319 Fri 09 Aug 2002 01:14 AM Nick Gammon
Suggestion for posting plugins Nick Gammon 4 10,976 Sun 04 Aug 2002 05:05 AM Nick Gammon
Please explain plugins Thebloodsiren 2 12,026 Fri 12 Jul 2002 02:51 AM Magnum
Plugins are fun! Krenath 1 9,339 Fri 14 Jun 2002 03:08 PM Krenath

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