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General and forum

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    "Fixed content" is basically every web page, excluding the "dynamically generated" ones (below) like the forum, FAQs, release notes, bugs and suggestions.

  • Search the discussion forum

    "The forum" is the interactive discussion forum. Many questions and answers are posted here - this is a good place to look for help.


    Entire Web Gammon Software Solutions

    You can use Google to search this site. This will search all the content (fixed content, forum, FAQs, documentation and so on). This is handy if you are not sure where to look for something. Also, you will see related items (eg. forum posts relating to a documented scripting function).

    You can also use the advanced searching features provided by Google (search for exact phrases, include words, exclude words, etc.). The only main drawback is that the search will only return items that Google has indexed, which means that recent changes (eg. forum posts), will not be included. Google indexes the web by crawling it with its "web crawler" which visits each site every few weeks. Thus, very recently added information may not be included.


    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Release notes

    Details about the changes made in each new release.

    Bugs and suggestions

    Known bugs, and suggestions from users.

    Written by Nick Gammon - 5K

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