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Version 3.80 released - with Lua 5.1 script engine

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Posted by Nick Gammon   Australia  (22,928 posts)  [Biography] bio   Forum Administrator
Date Fri 08 Sep 2006 02:13 AM (UTC)

Amended on Sat 21 Oct 2006 10:29 PM (UTC) by Nick Gammon


I am pleased to release version 3.80 of MUSHclient. See the release notes for more details.


  • Upgrade of Lua scripting engine from 5.0.2 to 5.1.1. Read below for more about this.
  • You can now create an empty script file by browsing in the script configuration window.
  • New script function: ChangeDir - lets you change the working directory.
  • New Lua script debugger (invoked by debug.debug ()). See new interactive debugging in version 3.80 forum posting for more details.
  • Various useful Lua scripts are now supplied as separate files in a new "lua" subdirectory. This is intended to be used with the "require" function. See new modules supplied with MUSHclient 3.80 forum posting for more details.
  • When opening the "edit multiple line" dialog (eg. the "send" box for triggers and aliases), if you resize the dialog box, MUSHclient will now remember the new size and restore it next time you open that or a similar box.

Warning about Lua 5.1 upgrade

The principal change in this version is to upgrade the Lua script engine to Lua 5.1. This has a number of ramifications for script-writers. See upgrade from Lua 5.0.2 to Lua 5.1.1 forum posting for a detailed list of the main changes.

If you are not using Lua scripting, or are using Lua scripts written by someone else (including plugins) then we suggest you do not upgrade to this version until script-writers or plugin authors have a chance to test their plugins with this version.

Most scripts should continue to work, even the Lua 'chat' plugin works under this version without any changes, however be warned that scripts that use fancy Lua features (in particular variable numbers of arguments) may require minor modification.

A major problem will be if you load DLLs from scripts (for example, ODBC or MySQL database access, the Lua COM package, the Lua Socket package, the G15 keyboard package, and so on). The original DLLs which are linked against Lua 5.0 DLL will not work until they are replaced with ones which are designed for Lua 5.1. The symptoms will probably be a MUSHclient crash, as the two different versions of Lua disagree about what they are doing with each other.

Various of those DLLs have been recompiled to work with Lua 5.1, as described below, and can be downloaded from this site.

If you plan to upgrade to this version we strongly suggest you back everything up before installing the new version, including:

  • Your MUSHclient directory, including MUSHclient.exe, lua50.dll, and any other DLLs you use (like luacom, luasql etc.).
  • All of your world files
  • All of your script files
  • All of your plugins

The safest thing would be to install into a new directory and then try out various world files and plugins with the new version. But, do the backup anyway. :)

Problem with plugin Add_Newline_To_Prompt

A problem has been found with the above plugin, due to the way it was written. If you are using it, you need to amend it slightly for use with MUSHclient version 3.80 onwards, see "Prompt Newline" Script broken in new Lua engine forum posting.

Upgraded DLLs for use with Lua 5.1

Various DLLs have been recompiled for use with MUSHclient 3.80. These are in the directory http://www.gammon.com.au/files/mushclient/lua5.1_extras/.

  • G15_Display.zip - DLL for use with the Logitech G15 gamers keyboard (45 Kb)
  • lua5.1.zip - Standalone version of Lua 5.1 (lua5.1.exe) and the DLL required to run it (lua5.1.dll). The DLL itself ships with the MUSHclient download. (129 Kb)
  • lua5.1_lib.zip - lua5.1.lib for linking against your own DLLs that you write, plus the Lua 5.1 include files (luaconf.h, lua.h, lauxlib.h and lualib.h) which are needed for writing them. Only download this if you are planning to write your own DLLs. (17 Kb)
  • luac5.1.zip - Lua 5.1 compiler (stand-alone program) called luac5.1.exe. You only need this if you want to make Lua "object" files. (102 Kb)
  • luacom.zip - Lua COM package compiled to run with Lua 5.1 (eg. for loading in the speech synthesizer). (90 Kb)
  • mysql.zip - Lua SQL package for use with MySQL databases, compiled to run with Lua 5.1. (27 Kb)
  • odbc.zip - Lua SQL package for use with ODBC databases, compiled to run with Lua 5.1. (27 Kb)
  • windows_utils.zip - a couple of utilities, for bringing programs to the front, and executing shell commands. (27 Kb)

MD5 sums for the above files:

fa6515b07b043812d77c9b9dc0ce3f53 *G15_Display.zip
cfbdf64ed0fd5c228a9df9eeaea96767 *lua5.1.zip
2d6e852f332db06978ffa57d56817b00 *lua5.1_lib.zip
1342cf83842ddf244ce267df23d63a29 *luac5.1.zip
02f70e7e108ebdb7e7276cef27a295ac *luacom.zip
3a5d1c196819d957578f77231070153e *mysql.zip
7ebf3323439afe75d47f565c3a477d0e *odbc.zip
f50a017e6fcbb3a5489623ea9ad4c989 *windows_utils.zip


You can view the release notes for version 3.80

You can download MUSHclient 3.80 now from ...

If there are any problems, please post messages to the Bug Reports, Suggestions, or General parts of this forum.

MD5 sum for the installer

If you do an md5sum on the installer above you should get this result:


The forum post a small script to sumcheck the MUSHclient download shows how you can write a small script in MUSHclient to do the sumcheck.

- Nick Gammon

www.gammon.com.au, www.mushclient.com
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