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MUSHclient in OS X (Mactel Only. Sorry PPC People.)

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Posted by Bobbiac   USA  (3 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Mon 18 Jun 2007 10:32 AM (UTC)  quote  ]
G'Morning all.. Name's Bob.

I have recently "hooked up" with the nice people at Fink ( http://www.finkproject.org ) to update their wine package on a more regular basis.

wine 0.9.39 should be in the unstable tree today.

That being said, I have been using MUSHclient for a few weeks now (with Apple x11). Haven't had many (see: one or two) problems setting up or using it.


First some prep work:

If you haven't already, grab x11User.dmg(.pkg?) off your install disk. (If you didn't have a disk, you probably can find it anyway. ;) )

Go ahead and update x11 w/software update or grab x11Update2006.dmg off the Apple site.

Next, download and install Fink. Any one that uses Debian will be quite familiar with the way fink works.

While your there, the Fink team was kind enough to include a gui, FinkCommander. It should be in the image you mounted. Drag it to your applications folder, as I'm going to do the HOWTO with that. (It can be done through the $term, but i'm kinda lazy and dun wanna $man apt-get every five minutes because I forgot something.)

Hokay, on to the good stuff, sorta.

Open up FinkCommander (FC) and go into the prefs. Make sure use unstable and use crypto are green-lighted under the "Fink" section. Might as well change the verbosity to medium (if you like to know what the compiler is doing. Ooooh Shiney!)

Now as of just before 6AM EDT wine is still not /exactly/ up to date. However, as I'm writing this for later today and beyond; I'm skipping this fact. Its $VER 0.9.30, if you are wondering.

As FC is running, do a cmd + shift + S
Let that run and when it's done, update all by doing a cmd + shift + A

Let's build wine! *dances*

In the top right of FC is a search box. type in wine to filter the packages.

Single click wine-dev, move the mouse to the side a little(so as to not double click), and then right click to get an option menu. Go to Sources > Install.
Select wine-dev and cmd + shift + I (as in eye).

Now it's pretty much the same as linux for installing MUSHclient. ie $wine /path/to/installer

install to a directory under Program Files, usually the default path will do.

Almost There!

open up the terminal and..

$nano ~/.xinitrc

(copy and paste the following:)

source /sw/bin/init.sh

export $TERM=VT100

wine ~/.wine/drive_c/"Program Files"/MUSHclient/mushclient.exe /wine &
xterm -geometry 75x34+687+40 &

exec quartz-wm

(Now Control [Yes, control] + x and then say yes and keep the name .xinitrc)

Note: the swap (/) wine is, as always, dependent on your experiences.

This file tells x11.app where your packages are, what to do when it opens, and to use the default (Apple) window manager.

In Theroy, barring the fact that I am in severe need of shut eye, this should work.

If it doesn't or if you need help, /join #fink on freenode. If I'm not awake ask around.
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Posted by Ian Kirker   (30 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Reply #1 on Wed 20 Feb 2008 05:51 PM (UTC)  quote  ]
I don't suppose anyone has had any luck running MUSHClient with Fink's Wine under Leopard, have they?
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