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unseen loader?ingredientstranslatenew channel,commands limited

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Posted by Ronald   (47 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Tue 09 Apr 2002 04:39 PM (UTC)  quote  ]
there was a subjectabout unseen loader mobs.ok i fried upone while attacking another mob with anarea effecting spell.so does that mean players can fry them without knowing too?////////////////////////////
how can i see what ingredient a spell needs?////////////////////////////
i am translating areas now.when next realese comes out will i be able to use these areas?//////////////////////////////
if a patch comes out and if i change material name and for example race name and lore skill comes with new patch,will it cause any prob?//////////////////////////////////////
if i want to give a player for buildingjustcommands but no other imm powers what shoud i do?/////////////////////////
if i create a new channel like ooc does it slow the machine or prog?//////////////////////////////////////
i guess astinwanted me to seperate questions.i did as u want.and to kalahn,thx for answering my boring over 100 hundred questions and allothers that answer me....by the way when the new realese comes out i plan to upgrade my question account to 1000.(grin evilly)///////////
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Posted by Loki   (44 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Reply #1 on Tue 18 Jun 2002 04:01 PM (UTC)  quote  ]
lol well I'll answer one of those for you, if you want a player or a mortal to only have olc commands all you have to do is set that player/mortals olc security. If you are running a olc port you can direct that pler there and the security should be automatiically set. Otherwise...

set char <playername> security 2

Keep in mind that security is broken down and a person with lower security levels will have restricted access to editors themselves and even stuff within editors. I suggest getting a feel and laying out every thing that uses olc security. make a Key, or a reference card that will be availableso taht you can set someone security to the appropriate setting they need for the task they have.

Endless Dreams
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Posted by Astin   USA  (34 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Reply #2 on Wed 19 Jun 2002 02:42 AM (UTC)  quote  ]
You are in Immortal and can see these mobs players cannot so they cannot attack one. You as an immortal may see and attack these unseen mobs.

To see what ingredients a spell needs you may want to try the sshow command.

Syntax: sshow <skill/spell/realm/sphere/whatever>

When you sat translating I assume you mean putting ROM area files into /area and then letting the code transfer them the DoT style area format. I believe that once it's translated that it will work for any DoT version of the code.

You shouldn't have any problems since materials aren’t hard coded they may be set to whatever you wish and as for race names I would say you wont have any problems either.

For more information on OLC security see help OLC-SECURITY.

Not to my knowledge.

You are doing better lol next we will work on words I think I should be able to edit your posts before they go up lol :) I hope I've been of some help.

-- Astin

ICQ: 161947723
YIM: Astinof
AIM: Aerostatal
EMAIL: Astin@endlessdreams.org
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Posted by Daos   USA  (42 posts)  [Biography] bio
Date Reply #3 on Sun 23 Jun 2002 02:16 AM (UTC)  quote  ]
Additional communication channels will not slow the program/machine down. Examples of code that would slow the machine down or take up a major amount of process power would be like multilingual code, command that would require unix-lynx command input (very well known for causing 60 seconds of lag/mud lockout), etc.

- Daos
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