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Default triggers/aliases/timers/macros/colours

The "defaults" concept is intended to allow you to have a single set of triggers/aliases/timers/macros/colours that are shared between many worlds. If you check "Override with default ..." in the appropriate part of the configuration interface, then existing items are discarded the next time the world is opened and replaced by the default ones, as described below.

This was added before plugins were added to MUSHclient, it is more flexible these days to put "shared" triggers etc. into a plugin and load that plugin into the worlds that need to share them.

To set up defaults to be shared across multiple worlds:

a) Open your favourite world, and then save as individual files your:

  • Colours
  • Triggers
  • Aliases
  • Macros
  • Timers

(there is a "save" button on each configuration screen to do this)

You do not need to do them all. For instance, if you only want to share colours, then only save the colours.

b) Use File -> Preferences -> Defaults to select the files you saved in the above step

c) Also select your preferred input and output font.

d) For all worlds that are to share these saved files, open that world, and then using the appropriate configuration screen (eg. colours, triggers) check the box "override with default".

From then on, the *next* time you open that world, it will load the world, and then load (and thus overwrite) the settings you have checked as "override with default".

Also, any new worlds will use the default settings, thus new worlds will quickly take on your default characteristics.

Note that the defaults, when loaded, *overwrite* your existing settings, so that the existing triggers, colours etc. are *lost*. If you really want to keep the existing settings, then you should save the world file under a different name (thus preserving the original).

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