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Lua math functions

Lua math functions

These are the functions in the "math" table.

Trigonometry functions use radians. To convert degrees to radians use math.rad.
Or, to look at it another way:

radians = degrees * math.pi / 180


The variable math.pi gives you the value of pi.

pi = math.pi


To use e in an expression you can use the math.exp function.

e = math.exp (1)

See also the "bc" (big number) library for functions that work with numbers to arbitrary precision.

Lua functions

math.abs - Absolute value
math.acos - Arc cosine
math.asin - Arc sine
math.atan - Arc tangent
math.atan2 - Arc tangent of v1/v2
math.ceil - Next higher integer value
math.cos - Cosine
math.cosh - Hyperbolic cosine
math.deg - Convert from radians to degrees
math.exp - Raises e to a power
math.floor - Next smaller integer value
math.fmod - The modulus (remainder) of doing: v1 / v2
math.frexp - Break number into mantissa and exponent
math.huge - A huge value
math.ldexp - Compute m* 2^n
math.log - Natural log
math.log10 - Log to the base 10
math.max - The highest of one or more numbers
math.min - The lowest of one or more numbers
math.modf - Returns the integral and fractional part of its argument
math.pi - The value of pi
math.pow - Raise a number to a power
math.rad - Convert degrees to radians
math.random - Generate a random number
math.randomseed - Seeds the random number generator
math.sin - Sine
math.sinh - Hyperbolic sine
math.sqrt - Square root
math.tan - Tangent
math.tanh - Hyperbolic tangent


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