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Plugins are self-contained collections of related triggers, aliases, timers, variables and script routines. They are distributed as a single file, and installed by simply clicking on 'add' in the plugins dialog.

They are intended to allow the distribution of extensions to MUSHclient functionality in a simple way, without having to have complex instructions about amending script files, adding triggers and so on.

Plugins can also save their 'state' (ie. remember variables) so that variables that are set in one session will be remembered in another. This happens on a per-plugin, per-world basis.

You can quickly generate your own plugins by using the Plugin Wizard, which creates a plugin from your existing triggers, timers, aliases, variables and scripts.

Plugins can be given a sequence number (in the plugin file) which controls the order in which plugins are evaluated, and thus which plugin gets the first chance to evaluate triggers, aliases, etc.

The default sequence is 5000. Lower sequenced plugins get evaluated before higher sequenced ones.

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(Plugins) Shows plugins active for this world
(PluginWizard) Invokes the plugin creation wizard


Global preferences - plugins
Plugin wizard - Aliases
Plugin wizard - Comments
Plugin wizard - Description
Plugin wizard - Name and Purpose
Plugin wizard - Script
Plugin wizard - Timers
Plugin wizard - Triggers
Plugin wizard - Variables


(BroadcastPlugin) Broadcasts a message to all installed plugins
(CallPlugin) Calls a routine in a plugin
(EnablePlugin) Enables or disables the specified plugin
(GetPluginID) Returns the 24-character ID of the current plugin
(GetPluginInfo) Gets details about a specified plugin
(GetPluginList) Gets a list of installed plugins.
(GetPluginName) Returns the name of the current plugin
(GetPluginTimerInfo) Gets details about a named timer for a specified plugin
(GetPluginTimerList) Gets the list of timers in a specified plugin
(GetPluginVariable) Gets the contents of a variable belonging to a plugin
(GetPluginVariableList) Gets the list of variables in a specified plugin
(IsPluginInstalled) Checks to see if a particular plugin is installed
(LoadPlugin) Loads a plugin from disk
(PluginSupports) Checks if a plugin supports a particular routine
(ReloadPlugin) Reloads an installed plugin
(SaveState) Saves the state of the current plugin
(UnloadPlugin) Unloads an installed plugin

(Help topic: general=plugins)

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