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Name: Harsk
Country: USA
On since: Thu 15 Nov 2001
Biography: Been working on a new mud. The theme is a mixture of Star Wars, X-Com, and AD and D. I have a story that would explaine the reasoning (or madness as some might think of it) behind this method. The story is as follows: Noone knows for sure when the worlds collided, or why. One thing is for certain, that we must find a way to coexist or be destroyed by our own ignorance. The seperate worlds were once thought of as dangerous to those who called them home, but were made even more so by the Convergence. Dragons harry Imperial and Rebel outposts, Aliens kidnap unsuspecting simple country folk, and evil mages seek the power that the humans of the other worlds have. The only answer to this greatest of mysteries, lays within the rumored Chamer of Convergence. Will we find answers once this Chamber is found? Or will we find only more questions? We will never know, unless there are those brave, strong, and foolish enough to seak them out.
Posts: 47
Email: convergencemud@hotmail.com (bounced)

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