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SMAUG server topics.

For more information about the SMAUG server, see SMAUG server for Windows description

There is also a FAQ for the SMAUG server

The support site for Smaug FUSS (Fixed Up SMAUG Source) and SMAUG MUDs in general is https://smaugmuds.afkmods.com/.

The domain name www.game.org which used to host the SMAUG server has been sold as of November 2007. Files relevant to the SMAUG MUD server and the Realms Of Despair MUD can now be found at the following sites:

Topic Description Posts Views
Commands A Wiki-style section which has one entry per command that players and admins can use in Smaug. 447 2,651,430
Compiling the server Questions about compiling the SMAUG server. 3,223 8,498,985
Lua Techniques for adding Lua scripting to the server 441 1,369,918
Running the server Questions about running (executing) the SMAUG server. 3,223 8,758,979
SMAUG coding Questions about customising the SMAUG codebase to your requirements 12,038 31,578,249

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