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Downloading PennMUSH

The "executable" version of the Win32 PennMUSH is kept in the following directory:


You may also find a later or current version at the downloads area of this site, namely at:


Note that as the filename changes each time a new version is released I cannot give the exact name to download. I suggest you connect to the above directory and look for the latest file.

Downloading the file

Connect to the link above and you should see a directory listing similar to the following:

06/11/97 03:21            519 .message
05/14/97 06:36        587,631 1610p5.zip
01/17/96 12:00         39,910 gzip.exe
06/16/97 10:23        261,674 mushcli.zip
06/18/97 01:37        452,123 mushclient203.zip
06/11/97 03:18        125,971 patch-src.zip
08/08/96 12:00         78,848 patch.exe
02/05/96 12:00         17,334 tutorial.zip

In this case the correct file to download is "1610p5.zip" (the one in bold above). Files are named using a naming system based on the version number. In this case the file is for:

PennMUSH 1.6.10 patchlevel 5

hence the name: 1610p5

Other files of interest

You may also wish to download:
File Purpose
mushcli.zip MUSHclient v1.04 - a client program for MUSHes (and MUDs) which can run under Windows 3.1 (once you have installed Win32s)
mushclient2xx.zip MUSHclient v2.xx (the xx will change as future versions are released) - a client program for MUSHes (and MUDs) which only runs under Windows 95 or Windows NT
tutorial.zip a tutorial designed for beginner MUSH "Gods" which describes how to do some initial MUSHcoding.

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