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Area header

The area header is used to set the values for the following sections:


Area header - 6K

This screen defines the area name, reset message and author. It also summaries various entries from other screens.

Ranges and economy - 4K

This screen is used to set up the recommended playing levels, and the area economy.

Vnum ranges - 6K

There is also a provision for setting the vnum ranges for mobs, objects and rooms. (These are not stored in the area file as such. They are deduced when loading the area from the lowest and highest found in each section).

Area flags - 2K

This screen is used to set the area flags. You can add more flags to the area by editing the CONFIG.DAT file that is processed by SMAUG Editor when it starts up.

Climate - 3K

This screen is used to set the area's climate. Climate was introduced in SMAUG 1.4

Neighbours - 3K

This screen is for adding/removing neighbouring areas (this affects climate). This was added in SMAUG 1.4

Summary of area - 4K

This shows a summary of the area, for seeing at a glance how large the area is and how many exits and programs it has.

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