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Spell checker

The Area Editor has a built-in spell-checker. This can be used in a number of ways:

Example of "on request" spell check

Spell check example - 10K

You can add special words to your "user dictionary", so that you do not get repeated errors on special MUD-related words.

Example of batch spell check

Checking rooms

** Room: #2403 West of the Front Door: 1 spelling error: enterance
** Room: #2408 A Luxurious Living Room: 1 spelling error: houseplant
** Room: #2412 West of the Manor: 1 spelling error: toolshed
** Room: #2421 The Playroom: 2 spelling errors: aviod, toybox
** Room: #2424 The Guest Bedroom: 1 spelling error: spartan
** Room: #2425 The Master Bedroom: 1 spelling error: intrustion
** Room: #2432 The Laybrinth: 1 spelling error: laybrinth
** Room: #2457 The Field: 1 spelling error: obviuosly
** Room: #2462 Servants' Quarters: 1 spelling error: accomodations
** Room: #2463 The Pantry: 1 spelling error: portwine
** Room: #2464 The Parlor: 1 spelling error: candlelamps

100 rooms
12 spelling errors

Some words (like "houseplant") you may consider valid (although in this case "house plant" might be better). If so, when editing the description you can add that word to your user dictionary.

Spell check preferences

Spell checking can be customised to be on some fields but not others (eg. long descriptions but not short description). The spell check preferences screen controls these options:

Spell check preferences - 7K

Spell check options

You can also control how the spell checker works, for example to ignore capitalised words, or words in all capitals.

You can also choose to check for doubled words (like "the the").

Spell check options - 6K

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