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Mobiles (mobs)

Because there are so many details for mobs, SMAUG Editor presents mob detail in 11 different tabs (screens), examples of all are shown below.


Summary of mob - 9K

This shows in summary form most of the mob details. This is designed to show the mob attributes "at a glance". You cannot edit on this screen. To edit any details, you would click on the appropriate tab.


Mob name, vnum, level, sex and special function - 8K

This screen is used to view and edit the mob name, description, keywords, vnum, level, sex and special function.


Mob stats - 9K

Most of the mob's numeric stats (strength, dexterity, and so on) are entered on this screen. Also race, class, position and default position.


Mob actions - 8K

Mob actions are set here by moving the appropriate flags to the "set" column.

Flag names can be edited in the configuration file.

Affected by

Mob - affected by - 6K

You can toggle what things the mob is affected by on this screen.


Mob - attacks - 6K

You can toggle what way the mob attacks on this screen.


Mob - defenses - 4K

You can toggle the mob's defenses on this screen.

Body parts

Mob - body parts - 5K

You can toggle the mob's body parts on this screen.

Resistant / Immune / Susceptible

Mob - resistant, immune, susceptible - 10K

You can toggle the mob's resistance, immunity and suceptibility on this screen.


Mob - speaks, speaking - 8K

You can toggle what languages the mob speaks, and is currently speaking, on this screen.


Mob program - 4K

Mobs can have multiple programs - these are shown as sub-branches of the mobile view. By clicking on one you bring up the program editor.


List of places mob is loaded - 4K

The "references" page shows where this particular mob is loaded, including from programs.

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