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Because there are so many details for objects, SMAUG Editor presents mob detail in 4 different tabs (screens), examples of all are shown below.

If the object has "affects" or extra descriptions, they are shown as extra branches on the tree view:

Example of object - 1K


Object summary - 6K

This summarises the flags and other attributes of the object.


Object name - 5K

This screen is used to view and edit the object name, description, keywords, vnum and type.


Object stats - 5K

This screen is used to edit the object's stats - the "value" labels change according to the object's type. For spells, you can choose a spell from a list, like this:

Choose a spell - 5K


Object flags - 8K

This screen is used to edit the object's flags.


References to this object - 4K

The "references" page shows where this particular object is used, including from programs and as a key to an exit.

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Written by Nick Gammon - 5K

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