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Name: Kris
Country: USA
Age: 32
On since: Fri 09 Mar 2001
Biography: I'm Kris Craig, one of the first loyal users of Gammon's forum here. I am, along with my staff, working hard to develop AethiaMUD, a derivative of SMAUG. We tenatively hope to open to players sometime within the next 2 years. The server runs on my Windows-based PC, a custom-build AMD Athalon XP 1.9 ghz, 512 MB RAM, 81 GB primary hdd, 3 GB secondary hdd, CD-Rw, DVD, NVidia GEforce3 video card, piece of crap sound card, etc. Ok ok I'm a bloody show-off. Still, I tend to get pretty good upload bandwidth for a server running on a cable connection....

As my posting history over the past couple years suggests, I've gone a long way in my C programming skills. Granted, my 10 years prior programming experience probably helped me learn C out of the SMAUG context.... Being the sole coder on Aethia, and with a semi-active staff, development is going very slow. Still, my hopes are high that we'll open within the designated timeframe. You'll be hearing more of us in the coming months and years =)
Posts: 198
Home page: http://www.aethia.org
Email: kris@aethia.org

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