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Highlight word

Allows you to quickly generate a trigger that highlights a word or phrase.


Enter the word or phrase to be highlighted. If you have selected text in the output window before opening this dialog, this text will be automatically entered here.


Choose a custom colour from the combo box, or choose "Other ...".

Colour swatches

If a custom colour is selected, these will show what the custom foreground and background colours are.

If you have selected "Other ..." then you can click on the left-hand swatch to set the text colour, and the right-hand swatch to set the background colour.

Whole Word Only

If checked, this makes the trigger match only a whole word boundary. The difference is that if you highlight (say) "cat" then with "whole word only" checked it will only match "cat" on its own, however with it unchecked it would also match the first part of the word "catch".

Match Case

If checked, the trigger will only match the exact case shown, otherwise it will match upper or lower-case versions of the text.


When you click OK, a trigger will be added to the world's trigger list. This trigger will be:

  • A regular expression (to match part of the line)

  • Sequence 90 (to fire before default triggers)

  • Keep evaluating (so other triggers will also match the line)

  • Repeat on same line (so multiple words on the same line will be highlighted)

  • Have empty "send" text

  • Set to change the selected text to the colour you specify

  • Group as "Highlighted Words"

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(HighlightWord) Highlight a word or phrase


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