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Make Multi-Line Trigger

Allows you to quickly generate a multi-line trigger.

Trigger on:

Enter the multi-line text to be matched. This is automatically generated from selected text in the output window, if any. The text is converted to a regular expression, so that things like .()[] will be "escaped" with a backslash in front of it.

You do not need to enter \n for a newline, these will be generated automatically at each linebreak.

Match Case

If checked, the trigger will only match the exact case shown, otherwise it will match upper or lower-case versions of the text.


When you click OK, a trigger will be added to the world's trigger list. This trigger will be:

  • A regular expression (as required for multi-line triggers)

  • Multi-line, with the line count set to the number of lines in the match text

  • Keep evaluating (so other triggers will also match the line)

  • Send to output

  • Send the entire matching trigger ("%0")

  • Group as "Multi Line"

The intention is that you would then edit the multi-line trigger in the trigger configuration for the world and make it do whatever you want. You may also want to replace variable parts of the text with (.+) or similar to act as wildcards.

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(MakeMultiLineTrigger) Make a multi-line trigger


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(AddTriggerEx) Adds a trigger - extended arguments
(DeleteTemporaryTriggers) Deletes all temporary triggers
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(GetTriggerWildcard) Returns the contents of the specified wildcard for the named trigger
(IsTrigger) Tests to see if a trigger exists
(SetTriggerOption) Sets the value of a named trigger option
(StopEvaluatingTriggers) Stops trigger evaluation

(Help topic: dialog=IDD_MULTILINE_TRIGGER)

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