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Trigger configuration list

Enable Triggers

If checked, all triggers are enabled (active).

Enable Trigger Sounds

If checked, sounds which are specified for each trigger are played when they fire. If unchecked the triggers become silent. However this does not apply to "scripted" sounds. That is, if a trigger calls a script and script calls the Sound function, that will still play.

Override with default triggers

If checked, next time the world is loaded your triggers are replaced with the default ones. See the help topic on "defaults" for more details.


Click to add a trigger.


Click to edit an existing trigger.


Click to remove one or more selected triggers from the list.


Click to find a trigger based on its contents.

Find Next

Click to repeat the next find (find another one that matches).


Click to load triggers from disk.


Click to save selected triggers to disk.

Move Up

Click to move the selected trigger up the list (in other words, lower its sequence number).

Move Down

Click to move the selected trigger down the list (in other words, raise its sequence number).


Click to copy the selected trigger(es) to the clipboard in XML format.


Click to paste the clipboard into the trigger list. The triggers must be in XML format (such as produced by the Copy button). Only triggers will be pasted, if there are other types on the clipboard.

Copy and paste is intended to allow you to get/put triggers onto the Forum, or exchange them between worlds or with other MUSHclient users.

Tree View

Check to show a "tree" view of the items. Leave unchecked to show a "list" view. In tree view only one item can be selected at once, however you can select an entire group for the purpose of copying the group to the clipboard, or deleting it.

In tree view items are sorted into groups. Inside the group the items are shown in sequence order.

Filter by:

Check to filter the visible items by the function "filter". Click on the button labelled "..." next to the "filter by" checkbox to enter the code for the scripted filter function. The filter function must be written in Lua and have a function named "filter" in the script, taking two arguments which are the name (label) of the trigger, and a table of values corresponding to the various settings for it. For example, to show only triggers that do "send to script":

function filter (name, trigger)
  return trigger.send_to == sendto.script 
end -- filter

You can use the various values for this trigger to work out whether or not you want this particular one to be shown in the list (for example, if it sends to script). If the function returns the boolean value "false" then the item is not shown, otherwise it is shown in the list.

The filter script is saved in the world file, so you can use it again next time, however the filter flag is not remembered. You must explicitly enable it each time you want to filter the list.

The various fields in the trigger table are documented here:


In addition, some fields calculated at runtime are:

"invocation_count"  // GetTriggerInfo  (20)
"times_matched"     // GetTriggerInfo  (21)
"when_matched"      // GetTriggerInfo  (22) *
"temporary"         // GetTriggerInfo  (23)
"included"          // GetTriggerInfo  (24)
"match_count"       // GetTriggerInfo  (31) *
"last_match"        // GetTriggerInfo  (32) *
"script_valid"      // GetTriggerInfo  (34)
"execution_error"   // GetTriggerInfo  (35) *
"execution_time"    // GetTriggerInfo  (37) *
"match_attempts"    // GetTriggerInfo  (38) *

Fields marked * may not be present (ie. be nil) under some circumstances (eg. regular expression failure).

See Also ...


Default triggers/aliases/timers/macros/colours
Getting started
Regular Expressions


(ConfigureTriggers) Define triggers


Edit trigger


(AddTrigger) Adds a trigger
(AddTriggerEx) Adds a trigger - extended arguments
(DeleteTemporaryTriggers) Deletes all temporary triggers
(DeleteTrigger) Deletes a trigger
(DeleteTriggerGroup) Deletes a group of triggers
(EnableTrigger) Enables or disables a trigger
(EnableTriggerGroup) Enables/disables a group of triggers
(GetPluginTriggerInfo) Gets details about a named trigger for a specified plugin
(GetPluginTriggerList) Gets the list of triggers in a specified plugin
(GetTrigger) Gets details about a named trigger
(GetTriggerInfo) Gets details about a named trigger
(GetTriggerList) Gets the list of triggers
(GetTriggerOption) Gets the value of a named trigger option
(GetTriggerWildcard) Returns the contents of the specified wildcard for the named trigger
(IsTrigger) Tests to see if a trigger exists
(SetTriggerOption) Sets the value of a named trigger option
(StopEvaluatingTriggers) Stops trigger evaluation

(Help topic: dialog=IDD_PREFS_P8)

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